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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Flat Reed: Gymbucks

Why is Mommy smiling so big?

Gymbucks, of course! Today was our "last" date before the baby gets here! Now, we fully intend to keep dating each other after Reed gets here, but it will be different. We'll have to have a babysitter (Mrs. Jennifer has offered, as well as, several others), get back at decent time, etc. The good news is that Abbey and I are a young couple stuck in an older couple's bodies. We eat early and go see the matinee.

We started our date by heading to Macy's so that I could get some new pants. Then we went to Gymboree because we had a 20% off entire purchase mailer and it was Gymbucks time. The cool thing is that it is also take an additional 20% off clearance, so we got some incredible buys! (By the way, Molly, there are some little outfits with weiner dogs on them. You've got to get some for Brady!)

So, as if our baby needed anymore clothes, he now has a few more! I know Sarah understands our need for cute clothes.

After the mall, we went to Target, then Chick-fil-a, then Old Navy, and finally to Best Buy. We had to get an external DVD burner for the Toshiba. Then we headed to Opry Mills to look around and possibly see a movie. There was nothing showing around the time we went so we walked around the incredibly packed mall. We finished and headed towards 100 Oaks to see if they had any movies showing. We decided upon "Bourne Ultimatum." It was an excellent movie!

Then, we went back to the Opry area for supper at "Cock of the Walk." We finished supper and headed to Target (again!) to get Mr. Jeff (Raleigh, Hannah, and Ashlyn's daddy) a birthday present of a lots of chocolate. Finally we came home and the Wright's came over for a little while! We're hoping that we can coax Raleigh out before we go to Taiwan! Since Holly is a week past due date, that should be a good possibility.

Anyway, that's a quick run-down of our last pre-baby date. In case anyone out there in bloggyland is wondering, Abbey and I are completely excited about getting to travel to Taiwan to pick up Reed!
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