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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Reed Meets Mia

Yesterday, Mia got to meet Reed. Or should I say Reed got to meet Mia? No matter who met who, it was a very sweet meeting. I remember so vividly when Mia's mommy and daddy were traveling in China. We checked their blog everyday and when they came home I was begging Abbey to let us go over there.

We hardly even knew them at the time even though we live next door to each other, but I was so ready to see this beautiful China blossom.

Mia's mommy must have felt like I did when her daughter came home, because she called me several times yesterday. Well, one time was an accident, but she still called. I bet it was some sort of "Freudian slip." That's okay, Jenny, we were so ready to you and Mia (and Adrian too if you can get him home long enough!) to meet Reed.

Reed loved showing Mia his teddy bear. Mia loved the Teddy bear and was intrigued by the fact that our voices were stuck in it.

Mia's mommy was so funny when she wanted Mia to pose in a picture. She, obviously a first grade teacher, clearly stated the instructions, "Mia, can you gently hug Reed and look at the camera, Gently."

I have got to get a "faster" camera, because ours likes to think too long and I miss some really great poses. There was a brief, albeit a millesecond, where both Mia and Reed were looking at the camera.

Mia is going to be a great friend for our sweet little boy! We're so glad that he'll have an Asian connection right next door. And when Mia's sister and Reed's sister comes we might just have to change the name of our subdivision!

It must have been all that sweet sugar from Mia that got Reed all hyped up, because the above picture was taken when he was up this morning at 3 AM. Hey, if you have to be up, you might as well be happy, right?
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