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Thursday, September 13, 2007

To Taiwan from an Appreciative Father

Dear Taiwan,

Tears fill my eyes as I think back on my time here. You've been so good to us. From the moment we arrived on our flight with our Taiwan-based airline, I knew this would be a country to love.

You have taught your people a strong work ethic. It is evident in the way everyone does their job from the businessman to the garbage man.

Your children are beautiful and loving. They smile and practice saying "Hello!" to all of us who have not taken the time to learn your language.

Your people, while they do not follow my religious beliefs are more like me than most of my fellow Americans. They still believe life is sacred and to be loved.

Thank you for teaching your people about the sanctity of life.

It has been evident in every coo and smile from your people when we have walked by with our precious son. It is evident in the Taiwan Women and Children Association's employees, in the way Reed's foster mom cared and loved him, and evident in the display of love a birth family had for our son and for us. They want the best for him and I will gladly strive to provide it.

Thank you for the eye opening experience that not everyone has it as good as we do in America. Thank you for the pride that you reminded me to have in my independence by the long struggle you've had for yours. Thank you for your concern for welfare which allowed my baby to have prenatal care as well as not forcing his mom to desert him. Thank you for your fight.

Taiwan, my friend, thank you for my son. Thank you, thank you, thank you for him. You've provided God with a way to answer our prayers.

You've given us so much more than we could ever say thank you for. He is such a joy, such a loving and beautiful baby. He will be successful.

We will teach him what you have done for him. We will not let him forget where he came from. He will know your culture and he will care for you.

Taiwan, the picture above says it all, for we came without it. Before our picture was beautiful and represented who we were as a couple, happy, loving and appreciative. Now, we stand before you as a family. Mom, Dad, and son and you provided this for us. Thank you Taiwan. We love you.


Jeff Land
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