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Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Day in Review!

Sorry, I have decided to cut the witty bantor out tonight in lieu of just a quick overview of the day. There are way too many premieres on tonight for me to be wasting my very SMALL amount of concentration available on thinking of something cute to say to make an already cute picture cuter. So, here goes!

Before the camera battery died yesterday, mommy took some pictures of Reed in his cute cowboy shirt. I don't know what the expression means on his face, but even when he's not smiling, he's cute, isn't he?

He loves to use his hands!

Reed got his first haircut today, but this is the only picture we got. Abbey bought rechargeable batteries that apparently don't come charged. We've fixed that now, because we bought some lithium batteries the obligatory trip to Target after the haircut. He didn't get a lot off, but at least now it is all even. He was REALLY good throughout the process.

Quote of the day comes from the puzzled stylist: "Neither one of you look like your hair is dark as his."

This is the closest we've come to "Where did you get him from?"

After Target, we had dinner with Mrs. Kay (Abbey's editor for her writing and my coworker) and her husband, Mr. Ken. Mrs. Kay said she wanted Mr. Ken to meet Reed, but the way she held him throughout the whole meal, I think she just wanted to hold him.

Reed became the welcoming committee at Jason's Deli thanks to Mr. Ken being kind enough to hold him in the open-air window.

Reed had his cereal in the van on the way home and fell asleep. That proved to be a problem when 8:00 rolled around and he was not sleepy!

For Tessa, enough said. Anyone else have any questions, check the past two weeks worth of posts and look for "Bryant Clan."

Reed in his jammies! I bet you can tell I picked it out. I just love BROWN!

Good night!
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