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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas at Enna and Poppy's House

Yesterday, we drove from Memphis to Jackson, MS to my parent's house. The boys were constantly asking if we were there yet. Well, to be completely honest that would be Reed asked about every 2 minutes or so. We made it almost to Jackson before we had to stop! We stopped in Canton for Reed and Nash to have a potty break. When we got here, Joshi, Uncle Bobby, and Aunt Aly were already at Enna and Poppy's house.

So, the boys were so excited about getting to open presents. Every year, Reed has progressively gotten more excited about Christmas. Nash was still timid about Christmas this year and was perfectly content opening 1 gift. He got into it though eventually. Enna and Poppy got the presents we suggested. We were so excited about the "piano" from the movie "BIG". Well, it was a bust! It was not the quality or size that the photo in the catalog made it look like. Plus, I HATE TOYS R US! Anyway, we talked about it and we took it back and got the boys a couple of Wii games and some Mobigo carrying cases. And yes, in case any of you see our boys, they are calling their Mobigos "DSs", so please don't burst their bubbles just yet!

My sister-in-law made these cute hangers for the boys coats, and things. I think we will put them in their rooms and let them hang their towels and stuff on them. We just love them. Today, we took it easy and attempted to go eat Chinese, but it was closed. Then we came home and watched the Dolphin Tale and "napped". Tonight, Abbey and I had dinner with Trae and Shawna and then we went to Target. We weren't really impressed with their Christmas leftovers so we left without buying anything. That's the difference between prechildren Jeff and Abbey and post children. Prechildren would have had a cart full of stuff that we would never use!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at Pop and Lola's House

We left our house early yesterday morning to head to Pop and Lola's house in Memphis. The boys were really excited to get to Pop and Lola's house. They love the dogs and the cat and the baseball bats!

Nearly as soon as we got to Memphis, the boys were ready to go outside. Last time we were here, Lola had purchased a marshmallow shooter, so that is what Nash wanted to play. Reed wanted to play baseball.

After Aunt Ava, Uncle Brookie, and baby Brooks arrived it was time for us to open presents. The boys were really really excited to see what all they got. They got Mobigos (which Reed is currently calling a DS), big wheels (which the boys are currently calling tricycles), and hot wheels and race tracks. They are going to have a blast with all of that.

We are hoping that the Mobigos will be a source of entertainment in the car and perhaps give our iPhones a little downtime from playing constantly.

Too cool for Christmas in his spy glasses.

I used to have a big wheel. I loved that thing. I even busted the back of my head open one time riding on the back of it and had to get stitchs.

Merry Christmas to all!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

The boys woke up ready to check out their Christmas haul this morning. It was so much fun to see them so excited about their toys. They got a pitching machine, a cash register, some legos, some boxing gloves, and bikes, and their big gift of a trampoline. They loved everything.

Tomorrow we will go to Pop and Lola's for Christmas with the Drake side. Then we go to Enna and Poppy's for Christmas with my family on Monday. We have a busy week ahead.

For those of you who are interested, here is a video of the morning.
Untitled from Jeff Land on Vimeo.
And the revealing of the trampoline.

Untitled from Jeff Land on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Week in Review

This week, Abbey hosted a cookie swap and girls' night at our house. The boys and I went to Uncle Bill's house. I think that the girls had a good time. They were up really late according to Abbey.


Santa is coming to our house. While Uncle Bill and I were outside putting their "big present" together, the boys were making a gingerbread house. I think that Will really enjoyed the icing part.

Abbey is wrapping the presents now so that Santa can go to bed soon!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Is Coming Soon!

The boys are out of preschool for Christmas now. Before they got out, it was time for a fun Christmas party at school.

Reed and Britton are getting so big. They are learning to pose for pictures. So funny, their poses don't look really comfortable or natural do they?

They made crafts at their party.

Once again, Reed's pose! Hilarious! He actually is quite the model. Check him out on the cover of this quarter's preschool Sunday School curriculum. Isn't he adorable?
Of course, by the time we get a more natural pic of Reed, we get Nash not looking at the camera.
Nash has become quite the color sorter. He loves putting like colors together.
Will enjoyed being at the party. He is quite the ladies' man. He likes to make his rounds blowing kisses, showing everyone how he can dance, touch his head, clap, and jump (which doesn't mean he actually gets airborne).

Guess who is scared of Santa? Tonight we saw Santa tonight at Chickfila and Nash didn't cry.
Nash's teacher is Mrs. Candy. We love her! She is great. She taught Reed so much last year.

Will can spot candy from a mile away.

The boys visited the Christmas tattoo parlor. Their skin loves those tattoos. It takes forever for them to wear off.

Sweet Nash. He LOVES tattoos.

Last night the boys sang with the preschool choir in church. Unfortunately Abbey and I both came down with a stomach bug. Abbey is much stronger than I am, so she made it to the performance. I had to watch a video.

They look absolutely thrilled don't they?

I. Love. That. Boy.

When my dad was here a few weeks ago he brought a few clothes from a friend of my mom's. How great was it that the cardigan he brought matched Nash's Christmas shirt perfectly.

Caleb has joined the boys in their quest to dress alike as much as possible. We are thinking of making him an honorary Asian.

I hate that I missed their performance. My boys love to sing and I am sure they did a great job. Santa is coming to our house on Thursday night. Breathe! He is just coming to our house. Not everyone else's. We just do Santa early since we have to travel at Christmas. They boys are going to be so excited to see what they get.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa Train Ride

This week has been so busy! Sunday, Abbey had all of the children's leaders from church over for an open house. Monday, we had my team over for brunch. Thursday, we had the staff Christmas party at Catfish House (and the kids were at our house). Friday, we had our Sunday School party and it was so much fun (and at our house!) Finally, this morning, we took the boys to the Santa Train Ride. The Davidsons, the Harrells, and the Wisemans also went on the train ride. Will and Mr. Ernie had a serious moment. Caleb was jealous that our boys always got to dress the same, so we got him a matching shirt! The boys had a blast together. Caleb had fun getting to be the "only child" for the trip. Will entertained our section of the car. The train ride lasted about 2.5 hours. It was fun, but we didn't really care for our "car host" very much. He wasn't really friendly. Silly Tom Tom! Reed had a great time on the train. The boys got to talk to Santa. Nash was not impressed. Chloe and Tom Tom saw Santa. Caleb had a big list for Santa. We had a good time. Now, time to rest.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Nashville Christmas Parade

Last night, we headed to the Nashville Christmas Parade. It was great as usual. Our boys loved it! Will thought that it was so great. My dad came to town this week and we had a blast spending time with him. Unfortunately, we didn't get a single picture of him with the boys! I can't believe how bad we have gotten at carrying our camera. I really think that I have come to rely on my phone camera more than the real camera. Reed, our resident expert in Land family traditions, immediately asked if we were going to get "cotton candy" at the parade. Thankfully, yes, I had some cash, and we got cotton candy. Uncle Bill shook the mayor's hand. We saw the most decorated garbage truck ever. As always, the Shriner's were out in FULL force. Apparently they love the Nashville Christmas parade. We have Shriner's who are clowns, who ride in the motorcycle group, the trick motorcycles, the golf cart stunts, the mini-truck drivers, the dune buggy drivers, the horseback riders, and just the REALLY old men who ride in the trailers. Will LOVED the parade. We had a great time and then this morning Abbey was getting ready to take Reed to a Christmas brunch at his preschool teacher's home and realized that her wallet was missing. We looked and looked for it and then called to put the cards on hold. We found out that apparently the wallet had been stolen because someone tried using it at three gas stations, but they were never able to. So, we ended up staying here to cancel all of her cards. Reed wanted to know why people did that, and we told him that they were bad guys. He asked why they were bad, and we told him sin. Oddly enough, he didn't ask why they sinned. The most humorous part of the parade was when they had to carry the Rudolph balloon sideways for a while because he was too tall to go under the street lights. It was pretty funny. I loved the balloons. After Santa came, Reed wanted to know if he was coming to our house that night. He was a little disappointed when we told him "no." Tomorrow Abbey is hosting the children's ministry leaders from church for an Open House, Monday, I'm having my team over, and Friday, we are having our Sunday School class over. Busy week!