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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reed Goes to Church!

We had to wake Reed up at 8:30 so that he could get ready for church this morning.
He was excited to be able to go to church. I was really excited to be walking out the door 30 minutes before Sunday School started, because I had a few things that I had to get ready for because my kids got there.

Mrs. Grace (aka, Reed's other brown friend), finally got to meet Reed today. She had never met Reed because she and Mr. Matt went to Wales as soon as we got back. She loved Reed and he loved her!

Britton and Reed both went to Sunday School with their mommies this morning. I bet there was not a lot of Sunday School happening in there this morning.

Reed was so sweet. He was loving on Britton.

Britton and Reed sutdied all of each other's features.

Is he not the most beautiful thing in the world? I've got to quit bragging about my son, don't I?

What are you wearing?

Everyone rushed into the nursery after church to see Reed. He was definitely popular amongst the rest of our church members.

Reed had a great day! He was SOOO happy!

He had a lot of fun laughing and playing without any clothes on!

Reed then began eating baby food today! He had a lot fun eating eat, but he didn't really make a big mess.

Reed also thought that his bib was especially tasty. Of course, he must be really close to getting a tooth, because EVERYTHING has been really tasty today!

Mommy, who gives Laura Ingalls Wilder a run for her money, made her own baby food the other day with the help of Mrs. Michelle. Who can I compare her to? Mary Ingalls or Nellie Olson?

Yum, this is good mommy!

This is Reed right after we told him that his cousin Joshilyn was on her way. He was way excited!
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