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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nash and Will's Dedication Service

Sunday, we had the most wonderful opportunity to dedicate our sons to the Lord. We also dedicated ourselves to the task of raising our sons to love and know the Lord.

We were so happy to have so many friends and family attend this special service.

Nash and Will did a wonderful job.

Bro. Michael anointed the boys with oil.

At the last minute, Reed decided that he didn't want to come up to the stage with his brothers.

Afterward, we hosted our friends and family for a lunch in the boys' honor at our neighborhood clubhouse.

It was a lot of fun and really good food.

Megan was happy to get to hold Will.

He is good practice for her since baby Emma is so small still.

Our sweet friends, the Converses were able to join us. That meant a lot to us.

The only hitch was the Pork Loin that refused to cook! Thankfully, Uncle Bill came to the rescue once again, and stopped at Kroger for some ham.

We were happy that Nana and Putty were able to join us. We were a little worried since Nana took a spill a few weeks ago and had arm surgery.

Trudy and Nelson joined us. Trudy and I spend a lot of time together since we carpool, work down the hall, and even go to church together!

Candace and Manya took time holding baby Will. Leah had to leave to go to work, but she made sure she got to hold Will.

The gracious hostess once again wowed everyone with a beautiful and wonderful party.

Lola was there to help do anything we needed.

The kids all had fun running around the clubhouse.

Trudy made delicious, completely from scratch right down to the tree the cherries were picked on, Cherry pie.

Pop had a lot of fun entertaining the boys.

Will was exhausted from all of the attention.

Our livewire Reed was thrilled that the Davidson's came because that meant Caleb was there.

The food was delicious.

The fellowship was better.

We are so blessed.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Double Trouble Strikes Again

The other day when we were getting our Christmas trees out the boys found these Santa hats. They've all taken turns putting them on, and I think that they are all ultra cute with them on.

Once again, the other night, the boys got unusually quiet. The really scary thing is that this unusual quiet that I speak of only takes about 2.5 milliseconds for us to realize that something is not right. Seriously, it's like no time at all and we're like "The boys are too quiet."

There was a "creamy" film all over Nash and it smelled like wintergreen. We were not sure if it was some of Abbey's AVEDA lotion, Comet bathroom cleaner or what. Reed kept taking us to the family room and pointing to a bottle of Aveeno lotion that we put on the boys each night after bath.

It took us a while to convince Reed that the Aveeno lotion is unscented, therefore we knew that it was not possible for the scent that we were smelling to be the lotion that he was saying it was.

Thankfully, Will, the trooper, was able to coo in the floor of the family room while we got down to the bottom of the latest installment of the big boy's silly antics.

Finally, I suggested to Abbey that she look until Will's bed, which is where I originally found the dynamic duo. And the mystery "cream" was Heal Cream. Yes, we now have too little boys whose heads, arms, and chest are completely callous free.

Last night, Abbey and I were insane and joined thousands of other people who should know better and headed to Wal-Mart, Target, and Macy's. We left at 2:00 and got home at 6:00. Reed, of course, was already awake. Abbey let me lay down with Nash who slept until 7:15. So, needless to say, we are pretty tired. We decided to spend another night in Memphis since neither of us felt like driving home sleepy. Nash and Pop were enjoying the Wizard of Oz when Abbey realize Nash was trying to emulate the way Pop had his hand on his head.

Reed enjoyed cuddling with Lola and Will is asleep, but who knows for how long. He's cutting his first tooth.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I didn't get a lot of time off for Thanksgiving this year, so we decided to stick closer to home and come to Memphis.

Will was thankful that he didn't have to spend a long time in the carseat listening to his silly brothers' antics.

He was also really glad because he knew Lola would hold him a lot!

The boys woke up rip, roaring, and ready to go outside with Pop. It's a good thing they went out this morning because it has been raining most of the PM.

This is Nash's first visit to Lola and Pop's house.

He's pretty excited they have a "Meow Meow" and two dogs.

And their very own human jungle gym.

Nash has had a good time playing with Pop. Poor Lola has been so busy cooking Thanksgiving meal that she has to wait for breaks in the cooking to get in on the action.

Reed already knew that Pop was a lot of fun.

We had a great Thanksgiving feast and then Abbey and I worked on our Black Friday sale list.

We've never been out on Black Friday morning and this certainly seems to be a year to start.

Of course, it seems like the stores are opening incredibly early this year. Thankfully, we think we've come up with a pretty good plan.

Belle has been really entertained by the boys.

We were also really excited to get our first look at our sweet little niece or nephew.

Around June, we get to meet him or her. We're so happy for Ava and Brookie.

We had to get at least one picture of Lola on the blog. She was too busy to stop for a photo shoot. I bet she is going to sleep really well tonight.

Pop carved the turkey.

Uncle Brookie was acting silly.

I didn't realize it, but apparently Reed really loves Legos.

Uncle Brookie practiced holding baby Will.

We should totally go to bed, because we have a REALLY early morning.