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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


My favorite line from Lilo and Stitch (yes, I have a favorite line from Lilo and Stitch, doesn't everyone?), is the one about Ohana! "Ohana means family, and no one gets left behind!"

Reed had another good night. I guess I should type is "having" a good night, because only Daddy is awake. He is awake for a two-fold reason. 1. I am always awake at 5:00 in the morning and 2. I know there is an Enna, Poppy, and Aunt Ava who will be emailing me shortly if they don't see some new pictures.

Reed awoke at 12:00 midnight for his "nightly wake-up." He went to sleep at 7:00 and slept for 5 hours. He didn't wake up scared or winey, just hungry and wet. He did get pretty upset with our "speed" though. Apparently, at midnight when you wake up, you want to be simultaneously diaper changed and fed and there is no time to wait to mix the bottle! He let us slide though on account he loves us so much.

He had a little trouble going back down so we let him lay by Daddy for a few minutes until he went to sleep. I moved him. He rolls alot and the little crib here in the hotel is not big enough for him to make complete circles. He is alot like his Uncle Bobby when it comes to moving around while asleep!

He banged his head around 3:40 and we moved him into bed with us. (NOTICE, I know that some of you are thinking, yeah, he said, he'd never do that!) As soon as he got in, he stretched his arms so that he could touch both of us. That is why I title this post Ohana and why I exposed you to my manly chest! (For which I am truly sorry! But, you had to see the pic.)

Here are some other pictures of the roly poly!

Mrs. Lisa, you have not commented and I know you are reading this blog! Reed loves his blankie!

We've gotten many comments about this pic, so I wanted to revive it really quickly. When we got our referral for Reedo, Abbey's mom gave her this bracelet. It has only been off to go through airport security (believe me, I know it's not been off because I've been hit in the middle of the night with it -- it seems the roly poly gets it naturally!).

The bracelet has "Be still and know that I am God." So, it was a cute picture but from us, it was our little almost 7 month theologian reminding us, to just trust God. He does take care of the details, if we will let him.
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