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Friday, September 28, 2007


Reed apparently has an extremely sweet demeanor when he wakes up. Mommy says that he looks like he is discovering the world all over again every morning. I. of course, wouldn't know this because I leave for work around 5:40 every morning.

I am excited about tomorrow morning because when Reed wakes up he gets to come get in our bed for a little while. The rule is that Reed and I get to watch TV while mommy fixes breakfast. I'll let you know how that goes!

I am also excited about seeing how Reed reacts when he wakes up. I bet he will not be as calm as he is with his mommy. My presence doesn't usually bring out the calm in our son.

Mommy is doing a great job of rotating Reed's toys out so that he doesn't get tired of playing with them. Daddy likes this too, because there is less clutter in the living room.

Reed loved this new toy. It's a little fish that Miss Jennifer gave him. I think he is really going to enjoy playing with it.

After a little while, Reed and mommy were getting a little cabin fever. They couldn't go anywhere because they were stranded. I had to take the van to work because last night after we were returning from dinner we forgot to stop back by my work to pick up my Jeep.

The only wheels that mommy and Reed had today were on his stroller. Reed, in typical silly fashion, chose to cover his face with his hat during the walk,

He looks like he was just having a blast doesn't he!?

I can't believe that he is awake. Mommy must be more interesting, because he would be asleep if I were there.
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