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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's Happening!

This morning, it's night here now, but anyway, this morning, we went to breakfast in the hotel breakfast room. Mr. Reed got to go and show his big boy skills.

Mmmmm ... Rice crackers are great for dropping on the floor and watching Daddy pick them up.

This is just before Daddy learned why shouldn't be the first person to finish breakfast.

Does he look like he's concentrating on that rice cracker or maybe something else?


That's right, Daddy got to go change Reed's first poopy diaper and boy was it a winner! He didn't wear the cute little shorts that matched the shirt, but we had some other ones that were a great standy.

Did you really just tell the world that I had a poopy?

Reed has been talking up a storm today. He has been a little more fussy, but it is mostly due to the fact that he probably has never been this "moved about." He is going from place to place and everything. Tomorrow is a lot more low key of a day, so that will be nice for him. He is still incredibly good. He had one decent cry tonight, but that was remedied by a bottle.

I thought you might enjoy a really nice closeup of the baby. He's a handsome guy!

We went to AIT today to get "interviewed" for Reed's Visa. It was really easy, the hard part was waiting, which we did for a really long time!

Just a quick clue as to how really good at going to sleep he is. A situation from AIT.

"I think he is ready to take a little nap." I say to Abbey. "Rub his belly." (I rubbed his head.)

Literally, 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1. Okay, he's asleep.

He is trying to crawl, but has not quite gotten it just yet.

Reed's best friend Britton gave him a CD that Britton loves to go to sleep by. In fact, Britton was worried that the new one wouldn't come in time for our trip so he gave his very own copy. Britton, it has been wonderful! Reed really likes to go to sleep at night with it playing! We love all of the truths about Jesus it is teaching as well!
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