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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reed Meets Caleb

After getting home late last night. Reed, Mommy, and I slept until 8:30 AM. We were still exhausted and since we had both made arrangements for someone to teach our Sunday School classes (Thanks Miss Candace!), we decided to miss church. Even though we got some good sleep time in last night, Reed still needed a nap this morning.

He woke up wired and ready to play. He had a great time crawling through his tunnel. We had not unloaded the van yet at this point, so he couldn't play with any of his other new toys. He enjoyed getting reacquainted with his old toys.

Reed can't seem to keep both socks on. He has trouble with it.

After Reed woke up from his afternoon nap, his hair was WILD!!!!

His wild hair is just an example of why we using gel in his hair to make it so "stylish!" Reed learned all of his hair styling tricks from his friend Kobi.

After lunch, Reed went down for a nap and we got the van unloaded and all of the Christmas toys and gifts put away. Then Reed was up and we played with his new toys in the bonus room.

Reed also wanted to play with my cell phone.

He was so cute. He would put the phone up next to his ear and say "bye."

After a while we got to go and see our new friend Caleb. Carah and Cate were cute as usual and it was great to see Danny and Michelle.

Abbey enjoyed getting to hold a little, bitty baby!

Reed tried on some snazzy sunglasses.

Reed likes to play like the big kids. It's so funny when he doesn't realize that other kids are bigger than he is. I guess he is mature for his age, right?

And now for some close-ups of cute little Caleb.

Drake-Covington Christmas Celebration

On the way home from Poppy and Enna's we stopped south of Memphis and took part in a family Christmas Celebration.

Abbey's cousin Molly has an amazing new home with an incredible family room upstairs.

Reed's cousin Brady got a really cool ball pit for Christmas. Reed thought that it was great.

Brady showed Reed how to play with the balls in the pit. Brady was very sweet and let Reed share his toys.

"Wait a minute, Brady, my Uncle Bill gave me this toy for Christmas. How did it get to your house?"

He's still having trouble believing that there can be more than one of something.

Brady shared his inflated sword with Reed.

Who do you think was happier to see who?

"Pop Rox and Lola? You know these people too?"

Reed's newest baby cousin, Ella and her mommy and daddy.

Reed carefully inspected all of Brady's toys to make sure that they were age-appropriate. He felt like it was his responsibility to take any of Brady's toys that may not be in his age range. We had to break it to Reed that we had NO room in our van for ANYTHING ELSE!

"Mommy, did you know that Aunt Ava was going to be here, too?"

Reed and Aunt Suzy must see something AMAZING just out of the view of the camera. Wonder what it was?

Reed, Aunt Molly, and Brady. They were ultra sweet. We kept trying to get the oldest of the baby cousins, Hugh, in the picture but he was too busy being a robot.

Hugh, the robot.

Reed has such a sweet face!

Brady loves his grandmother!

Last year at Molly and John's:

This year at Molly and John's:

What a difference a year makes! We will never be the same! What a great year 2007 has been!

Yeah! Family!

Christmas at Poppy and Enna's -- Take 5

The time finally came or us to go home. Although we absolutely loved spending lots of time with our family, we were all three ready to sleep in our very own beds! We left Poppy and Enna's yesterday before Enna had gotten ready, so she wouldn't let me take many pictures of her.

Before Reed left, he had to give Uncle Trae a goodbye kiss. He really hopes that Uncle Trae is feeling better soon!

We stopped to visit Reed's only great-grandfather on the way home. Papa loves Reed. Reed loves Papa and he really loves Prissy, Papa's dog. Prissy was my Mimi's dog before she died, and she is Papa's best friend now.

Reed absolutely loves dogs. Now, since we have had Reed, I have been amazed at how much he is like me. Sometimes I have wondered what we didn't have in common, other than say, I'm potty-trained. I think that we have found the difference. I am just not a pet person and even when I do see a dog or pet that I like, I don't like to touch them and I REALLY don't like it when they touch me!

We took Papa to eat at a local restaurant and Uncle Mitch, Aunt Betty, Timothy, and Lamar came to see us. Aunt Betty LOVES Reedo!

I can't believe that Timothy is so old! It seems like yesterday he was the same size as Reed.

Lamar thought that Reed was a pretty funny little guy.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's Late

It's late, but we are home. Reed was the best traveler ever! Hardly a tear was seen and he was delightfully pleasant for the entire 7 hour (in the car) journey.

LOTS of pictures for tomorrow so check back in the morning.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Reed's Circle of Friends Expands

Reed's list of people to meet keeps growing! Our friends Danny and Michelle, along with proud big sisters Carah and Cate welcomed Caleb Pratt to the world on December 27. Stay tuned to their blog for pictures. Mom and baby are doing well. Welcome to the world, Caleb!

Christmas at Poppy and Enna's -- Take 4

Uncle Trae still has a pretty large hole in his stomach from his surgery, so he's a little weary of holding Mr. Wiggle Worm.

Reed has been very concerned about Uncle Trae. He keeps crawling over to the sofa and looking at him.

Uncle Bobby and Joshi got to the house early this morning. Uncle Bobby had to drop Aunt Aly off at work and they came on. Abbey and I weren't even out of bed yet!

Uncle Baby Hog, I mean Uncle Bobby, was eager to get his hands on Reed. Reed was about as interested in Joshi as he is any babies. I can't wait until they are old enough to play with each other.

Joshi was pretty interested in staring at her big cousin (7 months her senior).

They had a great day of being together.

When Aunt Aly got off work, she was ready to hold her baby girl. Joshi is such a sweet little girl, and so cute I can see why Aunt Aly was ready to see her daughter.

Here's another picture of Uncle Bobby, once again holding Reed. It's a good thing that Reed doesn't get tired of being passed around. He's such a great little guy.

Reed, his Aunt, and his cousin were having a blast.

Uncle Trae was feeling a bit more brave and let Reed sit on the sofa armrest. They were having fun together.

Aunt Aly was stealing sweet Reed kisses.

Enna had to fight to get her hands on Reed today. There were many hands to hold only two babies today!

The typical picture of "Uncle Baby Hog."

Aunt Aly was having a lot of fun holding baby.

I love being an Uncle. My sweet little neice Joshi is so cool. I can't wait until she is big enough to come and spend a week with us in Nashvegas. Of course, Aunt Abbey and Uncle Jeff think that all of our family members should move to Nashvegas. It would be so great to have all of them near us.

Uncle Bobby is a huge MSU Bulldog fan, and he is really looking forward to their bowl game tomorrow. He is desperate to make Reed a Bulldog fan. Abbey and I always say he is going to be a Choctaw fan after the private college we went too. Mississippi College isn't an SEC team, so nobody really knows who they are. We loved our school though.

We opened gifts tonight with my side of the family. Reed was upset when he saw that Joshi had gotten his beloved Aquarium for that he has on his bed. Like the book last night, he didn't realize that there can be more than one of something.

We had a special treat tonight. Mr. and Mrs. Creel came for a visit. Mrs. Creel was our music teacher in Elementary and High School and a very dear friend of ours. We were so glad to get to see her.

Bobby and Aly had never gotten to see our pictures of Reed's birthfamily. They were very interested, although I think Uncle Trae thought that we were getting a little close!