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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Super Sunny Saturday!

Reed woke up rip, roaring, and ready to play this morning at 6:30! I was so (not!) thrilled!!! But, I didn't mind playing with my baby boy!

He played and he played.

Finally, after a while we went to the Donut Palace. One of my dreams has always been "breakfast with daddy," on Saturday mornings. I was glad that I got to take Reed to get donuts today.

I didn't really think that Reed was going to like it so much, because sometimes he doesn't really like sweet food too much!

Reed enjoyed looking at the drink selection, but I reminded him that I had brought him milk from home.


Then, we came home and Mommy went to the grocery store. Mr. Danny came over to help me seal the deck, and Reed played outside in the grass. Finally, after a good while, Abbey came home and Reed played inside a laundry basket. For those of you who are counting. This is outfit two!

... And he was very cute it in it.

Abbey went to work at 2:30, and we took a nap. After the nap, we headed to the pool. After the pool we headed to Lowe's to buy some flowers for the pots on the porch. After the gardening, we headed back to the pool.

Then we headed to eat supper at the Catfish House with Mommy. It was good, and yes, this is outfit 3. Another cute one that we bought at Gymboree before Reed was even home.

I have no clue how his hair went into the part the way it did. I think it is cute though!

And NOW!!!

Introducing our new faux nephew and Reed's faux cousin, Parrish Feaster!!!! Woo -hoo! Now, we can't wait to meet him!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Dinner With Friends!

Tonight we went to eat with Danny and Megan. Well, I guess I should say that Reed and I went. Mommy had to work at the Catfish house.

Today, Reed and Abbey went to swim at Britton's grandparent's house.

When they came home from swimming, Reed was tuckered out, so he went to nap early.

We went to eat at Cracker Barrel. I was thankful that Reed didn't want to rock in one of those hideous orange rockers!

This afternoon, Reed and I worked really hard painting our front door. In case you are thinking of painting your front door red, be prepared to paint a lot!

Also, in case you are thinking of painting a door while being the sole caregiver to a very active 15-month-old, you may want to rethink this. It can be done, as was proven today, but it can be complicated.

Reed was VERY talkative at supper and VERY loud!

Tomorrow Danny is going to come over and help me weather-proof our deck.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shake it Like It's 2099!!!

Reed was extremely excited when we told him that his best friend Britton was going to come over to eat supper.

Reed had a great day all around, though! First, he woke up and Mommy told him that today he was going to start going over to Miss Jennifer's on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He was really thrilled when Mommy told him that today was Thursday! Miss Jennifer is so gracious to keep Reed this summer. This will help Abbey get some writing assignments done and do some housework. Miss Jennifer is an EXCELLENT preschool teacher during the schoolyear, but we would hire her as our nanny in a heartbeat if she would let us. Well, that, and we don't have any money to do that!

After a very dramatic supper, both Reed and Britton had some loud moments, we came upstairs to let the boys play. Reed and Britton have started really like interacting well lately. One word they will need to learn is SHARE.

Reed loves to dance. Mr. Brandon LOVES the fact that Reed dances. Tonight, Reed went to his music table and made it play some music and all of a sudden he just started boogying. It was cracking us up. At first, he would dance until the music went off, then start it again. Then, he started realizing when it was about to cut off and he would make it start over, never stopping the hiney shaking.

One time, he did this big dip thing and I thought we would all fall off the couch laughing. At first it startled Reed and then we all cheered. Reed was thrilled.

We also got Reed's Easter Card out that played music and Reed had a great time with it. It was not long before we regretted bringing the card back out.

Reed must have had a great time playing with Miss Jennifer, because he was pretty zonked tonight. He took his bath and went to sleep pretty early.

I love helping him get to sleep at night. It is one of my favorite times of the day. Reed is such a blessing.

Aren't Britton's eyes beautiful?

We love Britton around here at Landlife. He is going to be a great best friend for Reed.

Have I mentioned lately that I love this kid?

Well, I haven't mentioned this, but I made a video of Reed dancing, but the video uploader is being contrary, so check back later and maybe it will be up.

Gotta go, The Office is coming on!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wakcy Wednesday

Reed loves to play with this toy that Uncle Bubba gave him. The only problem is that he puts everything he can into it and not the actual balls that are supposed to go in it.

That means that we spend quite a bit of time trying to fish odd-sized objects out of the toy.

Reed had to go to the doctor today, so he was pretty grumpy because of his shots. He is healthy 31.5 inches tall and 24 pounds. His height is 56% and his weight 37% and his head circumference is 23%. I have never though of Reed as having a small head!

Reed had fun playing tonight, but he was pretty sleepy.

The drool factor was not as bad today as it has been in the previous days. We didn't go swimming today because it was pretty cool outside. I do like this mild weather and will probably wish that it was here tomorrow when I mow the yard!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reed's First Swim

We're tired, so very little dialogue tonight, just enjoy the pics.

Even though he had a great night's sleep, Reed was completely exhausted again today!

After his cat-nap this morning, Reed had some great visitors. Laura and Walker got to come over and play.

First, they all went to Chick-fil-a and played in the play land.

Then, they came home and went to the park. Reed loves the park.

He especially loves the swing.

Laura really loves Reed's hair.

Walker is a good friend to Reed.

I think that Walker must have told Reed a really funny joke.

There's a small little village town for kids to play in at the park.

Reed thought it was very fun. I personally, think that it is a little weird that they have wooden tabacco leaves on the outside of the town doors. I guess that's what happens when a tabacco farm sponsors the building of the playground.

Laura is so sweet to Reed.

We're so thankful that Walker and Laura got to play with Reed today.


The water was freezing, but we had fun swimming. Reed was a little tentative about the water, but he did pretty well.

He didn't smile much, he just quivered his bottom lip.

CVS for the Week:

6 cans of Airwick spray
4 Jars of Peanut Butter
1 Jar of BBQ Sauce
1 Jar of Mayo
1 Box of Tea
1 Bottle of Veet
3 Bottles of Nail Polish
2 Bottles of Tide
6 Bottles of Excedrin
2 Toothbrushes
1 Toothpaste
9 Candy Bars

After Coupons and ECBs - 6.92 Out of Pocket

$20.00 in ECBs for next week.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sight for Sore Eyes!

Our flight left Calgary this morning at 7:00 AM. After a VERY extended line for Customs in Calgary, we barely made it to our flight before we started boarding. We were very thankful that we could go through customs in Canada because we had a VERY short layover in Dallas.

We taxied around the airport for a while in Calgary so we were about 30 minutes late to DFW, and we only had a 45 minute layover to begin with. We ran from terminal D to Terminal C and made it to the plane in time for "final boarding call." Unfortunately, that meant no lunch!

So, as is customary for flying through DFW, we were delayed once we were on the plane about 25 minutes. That meant, we could have gotten lunch, but we didn't, so we just flew hungry.

We landed in Nashville about 3:00ish and went to wait on our luggage. We were surprised that they got the luggage to the carousel very quickly, however, it didn't include even 1 stitch of our three bags! So, then we went to the AA lost luggage desk.

He said that he thought it would be on the next plane at 4:00. We were cool with it, because we just wanted to get home. Our luggage gets lost all the time, so we're pretty used to just having the courier bring our luggage to our house. Remember the time that Flat Reed got lost coming home from DFW?

We grabbed a quick burger through the drive-thru at Wendys and then headed home. We were so excited to see Reed.

Reed, on the other hand, seemed a little shocked to see us. He was pretty clingy to Lola, but he quickly warmed up to us. It didn't take him long to start playing around with us and get really excited that we were home.

Lola had to go home because she had to work tomorrow, but Pop Rox has a project that he is working on a couple of hours from our house, so he is spending the night again.

We went to eat supper and decided that we would eat at The Depot. Unfortunately, it was not open. Then, we headed to the Catfish House as an old standby.

After supper, we headed to CVS (surely, you had to know that I was going to CVS today!) because they had a two day sale that was ending tonight.

I got a good bit of stuff for $.62 out of pocket and used $10.00 ECBs, and got $16.00 ECBs back.

Then, we came home. On our way home, the courier called to let us know that he had our luggage and would be by between 9:00 and 9:30. That's great, because that means I won't have to go into the CVS ministry for toiletries for Abbey and myself.

Once home, Reed played with his bubble-blowing lawn mower that Lola and Pop Rox brought him. He likes to help mow the yard now, but he's not really good at getting the bubbles to blow.

Reed and I blew some bubbles and then Reed went back to mowing. I continued to blow bubbles, I assume as entertainment for me.

We love this kid!

Tomorrow two of our pastor's children are coming over to play with Abbey and Reed while they take their oldest son to have some tests done at the hospital. Laura is an avid blog reader and she loves Reed, so I bet she'll have fun.

Reed is very serious about his lawn mowing.

Finally, Pop Rox pushed Reed in his car and then it was time for Reed to take his bath.

He was completely exhausted, so it seems that Lola and Pop Rox must have worn him out!

Then it was my favorite time of the day, getting to rock our little guy to sleep.

"I love you buddy, I love you so much." -Daddy