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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Reed-a-Roni: The San Francisco Treat

We left the hotel on yesterday, which is actually today in America. This is really weird! Reed was happy as normal having fun in the stroller.

What's that mommy? I think that looks like English.

Mmm... Starbucks! Well, it took us the whole trip but we finally went to the Starbucks next to our hotel when we checked out of our hotel. We had a little time before our guide was picking us up at the airport.

All of the streets in Taiwan are literally lined with scooters. It is so funny! The streets are packed most of the time and there are 1.5 cars in every lane.

Our guide Fion was a lifesaver. Do not travel in Taiwan without a guide! We recommend Fion. She was great. She didn't talk a lot, but she got us where we needed to be. We were so thankful to have her help.

After we finally got our tickets straight (yet anoher reason to have a guide who speaks the language of the desk agent!), we were waiting for our plane to leave. Reed was taking advantage of a little mommy time and also entertaining all of the people around us.

He's good at smiling but not generally in the direction of the camera.

Happy baby.

We were just about to get on the plane when this picture was taken. We were so ready to board the plane and get our baby home!

Reed did really well on the flight. He cried whenever he was wet or hungry. There was another baby in the seats next to us. He'd just been adopted from Vietnam. He was not as good as Reed though! Or cute as Reed, but I may be a little biased.

Reed did know what all the fuss was about. Don't people ride 12 hours on planes everyday? He didn't have any issues with hurting ears or anything.

He loves to be in his carrier. He gets to snuggle up to whomever is holding him.

Mommy showing Reed his first glimpse of America.

We made it off the plane! Yeah! Now, lets see what the chances are we can make it through immigration, get new tickets, get our baggage, and get to the gate in 45 minutes.

Pretty good. Come on now! What's all this fuss about long immigration lines, things being crazy, etc. We had no problems here in San Francisco and we have tickets from Cleveland to Nashville!

We're coming home everybody! See you at the airport! Thanks for your prayers!
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