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Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Love My Jumpy Seat!

Reed's other favorite American item is his jumpy seat. I am thinking that there is a theme starting between our baby boy and jumping.

Here's a few of our favorite jumpy seats.

Is there really anything to say about the picture above? What a true happiness!

I couldn't resist the next one. Sorry that it did not go with the theme of the jumpy seat!

Baby is not asleep currently (it's 9:30 PM), because mommy woke him up for a bottle which he REALLY wanted (not so much). Now, he's NOT settling down back to sleep by playing patty-cake with Lola, oh no wait, the whole family has joined in. I'm guessing were not going to go to bed anytime soon. The good news is that baby is too sleepy to care.
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