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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reed Meets Carah and Cate

Reed met Carah and Cate last night. Immediately, it was evident that Cate was more into Reed than Carah was. I think that it could have been weird for Carah because she understands "Jeff and Abbey" to be "Jeff and Abbey" and no offense to Reed, but not "Jeff, Abbey, and Reed." She did warm up to him after a little while though.

Cate offered Reed a baby doll to play with. Reed was kind enough to accept it and I am sure that he put it in his mouth!

Cate must remember how important her pacifier was to her! She wanted to make sure that Reed had his, even though he was not crying!

Did I mention that Cate was into Reed?

Cate wanted to go to Reed's room at one point and asked me to go up with her. She looked at the crib and asked, "Did you buy this?" I responded affirmatively and then she asked, "Where's him's bajamas?" I told her the drawer where they rested and she took a look. She then looked in all of the drawers and named each item in them. Finally, she said, "I want to ride on your back!" Yep, there was the true Cate, she just wanted to horse around with Mr. Jeff.

I think that Cate was trying to prepare for "Ole What's His Name" (that's her new brother's current name!).

This is literally the best picture we got of all three. It wasn't a photgenic evening!
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