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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today's Sighseeing Adventure

Today's adventure took us to a souvenir shop and a memorial. We didn't have a lot of time with our guide today because she had to go back to AIT to pick up Reed's Visa. He is officially paperwork ready to enter into the US. Right down to his cute little passport filled with a really cute picture. It looks like he was "held up a gunpoint" when having that picture made! It's too cute.

We don't have pictures from the souvenir shop, because "no photo" allowed. I don't understand that. Anyway, it was 4 stories of Taiwanese souvenirs. We picked up several items, including a t-shirt with Reed's native tribe on it, some Christmas ornaments, and an old map of Taiwan to go with our collection of maps.

I think this is called the Chang Kai-Shek Memorial, and it is huge! We are the 5 small specks! This is the main entrance. I didn't really see the "not main" entrances, but I'm pretty sure why this one is the "main" one.

The actual Memorial is pictured above. Sorry for the freakish look on my face. The sun was burning in my eyes, and our guide Fion doesn't seem to take more than one take of any pose! By the way, Aunt Ava, Reed loves my Harvard t-shirt, maybe that's a sign. We've been teaching him to say, "Go Choctaws!" all day, because we're still holding out for him to go to the Mississippi Ivy League school, Mississippi College!

Another view of the main entrance sans Mommy and Reedo.

Here we are on a bridge over a small pond stocked completely full of coi fish. We were with Mrs. Sheila, better known as Raleigh's Grandmomma, and she told us that she saw a few coi fish in a creek near her house. Now, what's up with that? Coi in a creek in Robertson County? Weird.

Baby boy loved looking at the fishies.

A couple was having their wedding photos made in the park while we were there. She was absolutely beatitful, like a porcelain doll.
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