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Monday, September 24, 2007

Home Alone 3: Mommy's First Day

First of all, we must give props to mommy. She was home alone for the first time today with Reed and she made the bed and Reed got dressed! Woo-hoo! Most people might think, big whoop, she made the bed. But, our bed has 11 decorative pillows not counting everything else! My goodness, Reed has a good mommy and I have a good wife.

Reed looked really cute in his "All American Baby" outfit. But, when does he not look cute?

Reed is really into Flat Reed.

Every night we have to weed out pictures and decide which one makes it and which ones aren't. This one, was a definite keeper!

Reed loves playing in his pack-n-play while mommy straightens up the living room.

Although the toys are a lot of fun, he finds a lot of recreation in playing with screens in the Pack-n-play.

Reed and mommy got to make a special trip to Nashville because Daddy's contact ripped on the way to work this morning. He reads a lot at work and couldn't really do it with one eye! Mommy and Reed got to eat lunch with Daddy, Uncle Bill, and Mrs. Klista.

When Reed got home, he wanted to Reed. He loves his books.

I'm really proud of him for being able to know to have the book turned right side up.

At some point Reed must have messed up his clothes, because when Daddy came home he was wearing his "Made in Taiwan" onesies and cargo shorts. That was perfect for his afternoon walk. Is it his afternoon walk, or let Daddy put me to sleep time?

We don't get a lot of talking done when we are walking because, well, he falls asleep almost immediately.

He's just so sweet though, that I have spend my time walking him. I know that he knows that its special time with Daddy!

All in all, mommy had a great day with Reed. We even had Raleigh and her family and Mrs. Jennifer over for supper. Well, they brought supper!

Question of the Day!!!?!?!?!?!?

Last year we had 4 Christmas trees, and we bought another Christmas tree after Christmas, bringing the total to 5 trees. How many will we put up this year?
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