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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How to Make a Reeduritto!

It might have been all of the Mexican food that we ate while we were paper pregnant. And with all of the ups and downs of our paper pregnancy, we had a lot of Mexican food nights!

Reed must have developed a taste for Mexican while he was incubating in Taiwan, because he certainly has had no aversion to Mexican restaurants since we've been home.

So, here's how to make a Reeduritto:

1. Take a cute baby wearing his jammies. (It also helps when he looks directly at the camera. This one I call, "You really are going to blog my entire life aren't you?")

2. You also need an ultra cute baby quilt, hand-quilted by one of my coworker's 90-year-old mother! It probably helps to cover it with toys you bought knowing that baby would be more interested in the box that they came in.

3. Always allow time to stop in the middle of the process to "stop and smell the roses." (That's babinese for "stop and check out all the cool things under the sofa.")

4. After a reasonable amount of time, roll back over to the quilt and grab it by the corner. An upside down pacifier only heightens the cuteness of the Reeduritto, do not think that it has to be right-side-up.

5. Roll, roll, roll! Roll until you have the cutest Reeduritto you have ever seen!

I don't know why I am so obsessed with telling the bloggy world Reed's sleeping habits, but I just have to brag. Last night, which you all know was my night Reed went to bed at 8:30, he realized his pacifier was missing at 10:00 (but that was only a wimper), the next time we heard from him was 4:48 AM! That's 10 minutes before my alarm goes off, so I was able to pop right up, fix the bottle, change his diaper, and he was down again. He then completed his sleepy time at 8:30 this morning. Look out 12 hour sleepers, here comes my boy!

Tonight Reed went to church for the first time on Wednesday night. He went to the nursery and, of course, was a perfect angel for the workers! We went to choir, however, we left just a tadbit before it was over because it was killing us! He was so happy to see us when we came to get him. Another ego booster, right?
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