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Friday, September 07, 2007

We're in San Fran

We made it through security and to the waiting area at the Nashville airport! Task 1 done!

We arrived in the San Francisco airport and had to go out through security. Then we had to figure out where the International Terminal. Once there, we had to figure out where our airline check-in was. Once finally finding that, we were able to get to our gate. The above sign shows that our gate is downstairs.

Abbey and I were able to read the sign and figure out where to go!

Abbey and the 'rents, they saved a spot for you Aunt Ava.

The gate agent who seems to really like his job, eh?

The carpet near our gate.

The elevator me and Lola rode up to go get a little dessert.

Abbey and Pop Rox waiting on us to get back.

Our plane! That thing is HUGE! We are going to be getting on it in about 50 minutes! We're so excited!
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