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Monday, February 27, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day!

 This winter, the springlike weather is amazing. Today, after I got home, Abbey left to go to exercise class. I wanted to get in some great Vitamin D, so I took the boys for a walk.
 The boys love their "tricycles" Lola and Pop got them for Christmas.
 Will loves his wagon that Enna and Poppy bought him for Christmas.
 It was so funny how quickly those boys can make their trikes go! It is crazy! They zoom.
 I can't remember what was happening in this photo, but it was obviously quite important.
 Reed was temporarily "stuck" in a driveway, and sweet Nash jumped up off his trike and ran as fast as he could to help Reed. He is such a nurturer.
 Reed has the funniest expressions. He cracks me up.

 After a few minutes, Will got a little antsy. He had to move around in the wagon.
 Nash got mad when I wouldn't let him play with my phone. He is so funny. Tonight, I was telling Abbey about it at supper and he said "cause daddy wouldn't wet me pway wiff his phone."
 After a bit, it was time for the boys to take a break and I had to pull them all in the wagon. They had a lot of fun.
On Wednesday we will be two weeks out from our trip to go get Tuck. We are sooo excited.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Shower for Tuck

 Our amazing church gave us a shower for Tuck. We were so grateful that we are a part of such a loving family.
 Our children's minister, Brother Michael, made these neat cards that everyone wrote letters to us.
 Since we have a "little" experience being parents, they decided to give cash for travel.
 We had a really nice cake.

 We played Tuck Jeopardy. It was a fun game.
 We were amazed when they showed us how much money our generous church family gave us.
 After everything was totaled they gave us almost $4000. That is enough to pay for our airplane tickets and most of our hotels. What a blessing.
 Even though the church was so generous in giving, we also got some really great gifts.

We are blessed.

By the way, in case anyone is not friends with us on FB, you don't know we are traveling to get Tuck on March 14!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Reed's Firth Year Fiesta

 We cannot believe that our sweet little Reed is 5!
 Our boys are quite blessed to have a mother that is an amazing party planner.
 Abbey decided that Reed's birthday would be a Fiesta since he LOVES Mexican food.
 Of course, Abbey's good friend, Etsy was helpful in finding all of the right birthday signs, invitations, etc.
 I love Abbey's sombrero cake.
 Reed was really excited about his birthday party. He continually reminded us that he was the birthday boy.
 Aunt Ava made reed his amazing shirts.
 Nash is now ready for his birthday party next month.
 Will is so glad that Pop and Lola are here.

 The kids all got to make their own maracas.
 Reed's best friend Britton was at the party. Reed loves Britton. Always has.
 The silly brothers love each other as well.

 The spread was AMAZING. Tacos, Cheese quesadillas, chips and rotel, homemade salsa, fruit salsa, and churros.

 Lola was a HUGE help to Abbey. Abbey and Lola did all of the decorating and cooking. I worked on clean up.
 Nashy knows which present was his favorite.
 Our "nanny" Miss Kelsie came to the birthday party. She is a blessing. We are trying to talk her into moving in.
Will enjoyed LOTS of candy!

We are so blessed! So excited to have our Reed. So thankful that God lets us be his parents and still gave us more.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day at Chick-fil-a

 Another Valentine's Day has come and is almost gone, and another day that we are reminded just how blessed we are.
 Will has been completely adorable lately. He is really starting to talk a lot and has the cutest little tricks. I've got to get my phone upgraded so that I can get my microphone working and get some videos.
 Tonight we had our annual Valentine's Day party at Chick-fil-a. It was fun to have our friends their.

 Amber Joy came for her first American Valentine's Day.
 The Davidson's were there. Cate and Carah enjoyed the baby time with AJ and Will.
 Abbey remembered to bring some coloring books and colors for the boys to play with when they weren't in the playland.
 Miss Candace brought Valentine's Day goodies for each family.
 Caleb is really serious about his coloring. He is a good colorer. I'm amazed that my boys have started to focus so much on their coloring. They are definitely getting older. Speaking of older, can you believe that Reed is going to be 5 in two days?
 Uncle Bil and Will enjoyed some time together. Will let Uncle Bill color.
 I think I was telling them how much I love my Valentine.
 On second thought, it looks like we got caught.
 Nash LOVES Caleb. Reed loves Caleb to, but Reed is a little older. Nash and Caleb are pretty close buds. Nash says Caleb is his best friend.

 Can you believe how awesome my wife looks? She is amazing!
 I can't believe how old Carah has gotten. So sweet (but she didn't talk to me hardly at all. Guess I am not cool enough.).

 Will loves Uncle Buh.