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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ba, Ba Pop Rox and Auntie Ava

Pop Rox and Auntie Ava had to leave today. I know it was hard for both of them. I never realized that all of our family would fall in love with Reed as much as we did, but boy did they. He is one loved little guy.

Auntie Ava is a great aunt. She changed diapers, fed bottles and even sang him to sleep!

Pop Rox had a lot of fun playing with Reed and his calm demeanor had a great effect on Reed. Something about Reed's daddy's not so calm demeanor doesn't exactly put Reed in the mood to sleep!

Reed was welcomed home by the sign at the Catfish House! That was such a neat surprise to see that they were so thoughtful!

Daddy has to go to work tomorrow and is a bit sad about it! I love my job and really enjoy going to work, but it's going to be a long day not getting to see my guy! Mommy reminded me to just think about how excited he will be when I come home from work. I'll have to look forward to that!
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