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Monday, March 28, 2011

Dino-MITE part 2 (after a sabbatical!)

First of all, several of you asked where Abbey got the decorations from the party. She is as one of you suggested, an junkie. She got them from Dimple Prints. The party invitation was completely adorable.

Getting a family photo should have been easy, right?

Reedy, a very photogenic child, doesn't really love to get his photo taken!

A fact that makes us a little nervous because he is going to be going to a photoshoot this week for a cover shot for a Sunday School curriculum.

Sweet little Will had a good time at the birthday party.

A shot of just the boys! Once again, the Reedster is not having the best day for photography.

Pop was worried that Will would fall off the chairs. He is very protective of his grandbabies.

Emma, Danny, and Megan came to celebrate.

Nash was too busy at this point to get good pictures of him.

Britton came and all was right with the world for Reed.

The Frey's were there with their big brood of boys!

Nash loves Hudson.

Nash loves to play in the sand.

Ellie took notes for her birthday party which was this past weekend.

Abbey made the cutest and tastiest volcano cake. It was brownie base with chocolate bundt cake. The little chocolate rocks looked so realistic. You can't see it in the picture, but I added my special touch of having a flame coming out of the volcano by using pure lemon extract.

Nash was excited to blow the candle out.

Nashy love cakey!

Uncle Bill assisted in the gift opening.

Kooper and Nash are about the same age. Kooper is double the size of Nash. Those Dossett kids are some big boys! Sawyer was born the same day as Will and weighs more than Nash!

Mr. Kevin took some time to hold Will while Carah supervised.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

DINO-mite! Part 1

Nash's third birthday party and we assume first ever birthday party was a roaring success.

My amazing party-planning wife extraordinaire handled every detail and had a fantastically festive decoration scheme.

The dinosaur cave was complete with sidewalk chalk for making hieroglyphics.

Enna had collected TONS of dinosaur items including placemats, figures, and other items.

Nash was excited to see so many dinos.

Did I mention that Abbey covered EVERY detail?

Ms. Candace helped Abbey get the decorations ready. She strung the pennants for this awesome Nash banner.

Our house looked festive, just need some grass to grow in the bare spots.

Reed enjoyed the Dinosaur cave.

Nash enjoyed running around sans pants before his guests arrived.

Reed happily waited for his friends to arrive at the party as well.

This is my new favorite picture of Nash. It captures all of the excitement of the day.

Lola and Pop were happy to see the birthday boy and the other boys.

The dinosaur eggs were nestled in a real life edible nest.

Cheetos made yummy dinosaur bones.

Tortilla chips were delicious dinosaur spikes.

Fruity pebble dinosaur treats

Dinosaur Dung

And Dinosaur Treats for the party favors.

More coming tomorrow!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yippee! Yippee! Nash is Three!

Nash celebrated his third birthday on Thursday. I can't believe that it has been almost 1 year since he entered our lives via an amazing phone call and some emailed photos. We hate that we missed the first 2.5 years of his life, but we've faithfully tried making up for it in hugs, kisses, and words of affirmation.

Will has been really busy lately. He has decided that he is quite the mover.

In fact this cute little guy, or Houdini as we've been calling him, climbed out of his bed the other night around midnight! To answer your questions, yes he is okay, and yes it SCARED us to death!

I ran upstairs to get him when we heard him fall. He was crying. I picked him up, he stopped crying and then giggled a little as if to say, "That was pretty cool huh?" Well, since then we've made his bed VERY low and took out the bumpers to make sure he didn't have any help climbing.

Aunt Ava ordered Nash this super cute dinosaur "3" t-shirt from etsy. We are having his party on next Saturday because this weekend didn't work well. We're having a big dinosaur blowout in our backyard.

Reed has been having fun helping Nash open a few presents and his birthday cards.

Nash has had fun just being silly!

So, Reed joined in on the silliness as well.

Although he is not quite one yet, we think that Will thinks he just turned three.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Boys in the Tub

We decided to the let boys take a bath together. Reed and Nash have taken baths together since we've been home, but we put Will in with them for the first time. Will thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Silly Vanilly, AKA Nash, loves taking baths. He doesn't love getting his hair washed, but that's about the only thing that he doesn't like about being in the tub.

Just to clarify for those who are wondering why our bathwater is BLUE, we can explain. Our sweet friend MaeMae and her mother Lori, love to get the boys fun presents. They bought the boys colored bath water tablets, which we affectionately call "Bath Pills."

Nash isn't mad, that is his smile.

Well ... I should say, that is his posed smiled.

This is a little bit better example.

Will, of course, just pretended that he was the only boy in the tub and had a blast.

Nash and Reed HATE water in their eyes. This makes me crazy, because washing their hair can be quite the challenge. Thankfully, Will could care less if water gets in his eyes.

We finally took Will to a new pediatrician because we didn't think that our peds was doing enough about his allergies. The news peds was VERY responsive, gave awesome service, and Will is feeling (and breathing) much better.

Nash is turning THREE this week! Can't believe that he is already turning three. Next month will be 1 year since we got our first glimpse of our boys. What an amazing year we've had!

We are so blessed!