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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Soccer Update and Will's Dr. Visit

Reed has certainly taught Nash that every time that we go outside he should scurry to grab a toy and do exactly what we tell him not to do.

Abbey had to take Will to the doctor today because he was having some trouble breathing. He apparently has some sort of virus. As a result, we now have our very own nebulizer.

Reed's diversion is always to look for butterflies in the flowers. The flowers are almost dead. I plan on ending their existence this weekend.

Nash had fun playing with the bike.

Reed caught a "butterfly". I didn't have the heart to tell him it was a moth.

Tonight was soccer practice. Of course, we didn't have high hopes. Uncle Bill came with us tonight.

Uncle Bill let Reed play on a side area for a while to get used to being at the soccer fields.

My hopes rose. However, they proved to be unfounded as Reed decided that he didn't want to play.

This is Charlie Ann. She's a sweet new baby that is going to grow up with Will.

Paityn is another diva that is Will's age.

Reed did decide to play some more soccer near the soccer field, but not actually on it.

Will was pretty impressed with all of the girls that he has the choice of dating.

This is Emri. She's Tate's sister and is totally sweet.

The mom's wall. I accidentally didn't get Jodi in the picture.

Uncle Bill counseled Reed on the finer points of playing soccer.

The coach was telling Tate and Lake what to do. Tate and Lake both had other things on their minds.

Tate is a great soccer player. He's fun to watch.

Lake is super fast.

More PaiPai.

For those of you who are concerned. The little camera has still not appeared.

When I suggested that Reed go and play soccer with the team, this is the reaction I got.

Will loves taking it easy.

While Reed was hanging out with Uncle Bill over at the field, I played with Nash.

Nash found some sand in a horseshoe court and was happy to play.

He had a great day today. While Abbey took Will to the doctor, Nash stayed home with Ms. Madrian. Reed went with Abbey and I picked him up on my way home from work.

Uncle Bill came home with us to celebrate his birthday. We were going to have breakfast for supper and then cake ... but, because of soccer practice and Will's need for prescriptions, we ended up going to The Depot.

When we came back around to the other side of the building, this is what we saw. Look closely, that's Reed between Britton and Tate.

So the secret is to reduce the team to Reed's two best buddies and then he'll play.

Mr. Todd is so patient and encouraging to Reed.

Of course, at this point, Reed didn't want to leave.

Tate gave Will a sweet kiss before he left.

Tomorrow Aunt Ava and Lola come to visit. We're ready for Aunt Ava to meet the boys!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Boys Meet Nana and Putty

We've been waiting on Nana and Putty to get to come by and meet the boys.

Reed was excited to see "banana" and Putty. He likes them a lot. He was especially excited to tell Nash about them.

Nash was excited to see them.

Reed immediately asked Putty to do the thing that he loves all visitors to do with him the most—play chase.

Nana picked up Will and held him for a while.

The big boys had fun playing with Putty. I think they wore him out.

Reed seems to be getting more comfortable with the idea of actually playing soccer. We have practice tomorrow night. I think that it might have something to do that we've promised to give him the tank engine "Whiff" if he will play in the game.

Nana and Putty brought the boys presents.

Monogrammed towels that are so cute.

The tissue paper was also a blast.

Today was Abbey's first day to have all three boys by herself. She did a great job. They played outside and played inside.

Will had a good time, too. He was able to play a lot and laugh and coo.

Nash had a lot of fun playing with trains and cars.

Reed enjoyed playing with his trains as usual.

Tomorrow Miss Madrian is coming to play with the boys. That will be great for Abbey to have some help.