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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Uncle Bill's Beach House Day 3

We were a little nervous that the weather because the forecast seemed to look more rainy than sunny, however, the weather has been prefect. Nash had discovered that it is fun to ride the waves with uncle bill. -

I've discovered that Tuck is a cuddly shade snuggler. That's where I like to be.

Abbey enjoys jumping the waves with ms. Candace. Nash also likes to hit the waves with her.

Reed is a poser. He loves to show his big cheese any time the camera is pointed at him.

Tonight we had grilled pizzas and a fruit pizza. It was yummy, even though I had to make it on a charcoal grill, which isnt ideal.

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Beach Days at Uncle Bill's Beach House

The boys could not wait to get out to the beach.

Some of our readers, may remember that when we first went to the beach, Reed was extremely timid around the water. He really didn't want anything to do with it.

He has completely changed his feelings about the water. He loves it. It is so exciting to see him playing in the ocean with Nashy.

Tuck has been a little bit into the the sand, but he is also a baby so it is a little hard for him to understand what is going on,

Will has been probably the biggest surprise. He is not as into the whole beach thing as one would think. The child is usually a glutton for rolling in the sand, but he is not so much into the endless supply. I think that he is a little overwhelmed by the vastness of it all.

All in all the boys are having a great time.

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Location:Ft. Morgan, AL

Uncle Bill and the Boys

Uncle Bill went to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago and he brought the boys each matching outfits home.

We thought the beach would be a great place to make their debut.

Reed and Uncle Bill love to have a lot of silly fun.

Uncle Bill loves the Tuckmeister.

Love them.

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Location:Ft. Morgan, AL

Uncle Bill's Beach House 2012

Four years ago, we started a tradition of going to the beach with Uncle Bill. Every year, we have had a different adventure. This year, our adventure included adding Ms. Candace and Tuck to our trip.

We left Friday and stayed the night at Hampton Inn. The boys loved the hotel. We stopped for Lunch in Foley on Saturday at a Japanese restaurant that we eat at every year.

Will and Tuck were probably the most ready to get here. Not because they really understood what was going on, but they were so ready to get out of their car seats.

Nash and Reed, on the other hand, were so excited that they could almost not contain themselves.

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