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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Where Did Saturday Go?

Well, it's 8:20 PM and that leaves me with the question, "Where did Saturday go?" I mean it seems like just a minute ago it was this morning and now it is tonight! I think we need to petition the government to add a couple of hours to Saturday.

Reed has been such a good sleeper this week. He's slept from 8-5:30 or 6:00 every night. Then took a bottle and went back to sleep. That's great, well, I forgot to mention that was every night except last night! He apparently knew it was the weekend and was not exactly excited about letting us sleep late.

Mommy was nice and got up with him and let me sleep. Then he finally went back to sleep and mommy got a chance to read her latest Sparks' novel.

Later, once Reed and I were both up, Daddy went to Donut Palace for Saturday morning breakfast. We were originally planning on me and Reed going, but we wasked the carseat cover last night and it was wet. So, I just picked it up and came home.

After breakfast, Mommy got ready while we played. Mommy went to get a pedicure and we took a stroll for the neighborhood. When we got home, Reed read a magazine for a while (as you see in the pictures above) and he took a nap. I thought about taking a nap, but watching Reed sleep was more fun.

Once mommy came home and we had lunch, Daddy got ready. Then our realtor came over and we listed our house. Did that come as a surprise? Well, we're not moving far (and we're not moving at all unless the house sells). We love our house and we love our neighborhood, but we are not able to accomodate many guests now that Reed is here because of limited bedrooms and no bonus room. So, when we saw a house in our neighborhood that is a lot larger than ours become reduced to a really great price, we decided to check it out. That's a side view of the house from our front stoop. It really is across the street and down 3 doors! Same street and everything. We couldn't move far from Mia! So, you all can pray that our house sells quickly!

Next, we all took naps and then went to Nashville to get my Jeep from work. On the way home, we stopped at Pizza Hut. Reed enjoyed his first trip to Pizza Hut and like always, everyone that walked by him, stopped to talk!

He had a choice of toys, but opted for the burp cloth!

We came home and Reed was ready for cereal! He loves cereal!

After cereal, it was time for Reed to have his bath. He was having a lot of fun in the bath tonight. He kept giggling at himself.

Look at how he prepares his mouth for his cereal. He is so funny. He starts jumping and getting excited when he hears the microwave door open!

Go for it buddy!

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