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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Weekend: gone

Reed was so thrilled to get his birthday party invitation for Britton's 3rd birthday party the other day. Today he wanted to take the invitation to Britton at church. Those boys would be completely inseparable if we would let them.

Abbey went to Jacksonville this weekend to teach a conference for the North Florida Baptists. Lola came in on Thursday to keep Reed since I had to work and Abbey was on a plane. It was good to have her here.

We have a busy week coming up. Someone is turning 30 on Thursday! I'm not going to tell you who, but it isn't me or the cutest little Asian. So this Saturday we're having a fun birthday party!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zoo and Important Update

Today, Reed and Abbey went to the zoo. They had a great time looking at the animals with the extremely beautiful weather.

So, we've been holding some information from you our beloved blog readers and it is time to come clean. We switched adoption agencies.

As you know, our agency JOH's program, was on an indefinite hold and we were nowhere near close on the list. It was going to be 2-3 years before we got our little girl. You know that we considered the Marshall Islands and during that process realized that we really have a heart for the babies of Taiwan.

We also realized that it was important to us that Reed had a sibling of his own nationality, so after really thinking we had a great lead on another Taiwan program and it fell through, we decided that we would be patient with the JOH program and just enjoy the ride.

(the picture of the speakers above is on of Reed's favorite things about the zoo. He loves the speakers. Don't ask us why. We have no clue.)

So, while we were enjoying our ride, we heard about another Taiwanese program and just made an inquiry. We were told that they were not taking applications at the time and to call back late summer, early Fall. So, once again, we were enjoying the ride ... but only for about a week!

We got an email from the agency that said they wanted to talk to us about their program. We were thrilled, so we talked to them and found out that currently their program is by invitation only as it is still rather early in its life.

One thing led to another and two days ago we made the official jump to this new agency. That is scary, but we really have a great feeling about this program. It is definitely a Christian agency and they do lots of missions for the countries that they serve. We LOVE this about the new agency.

(Another of Reed's favorite "animals," a CAT.)

So, tonight we had our orientation call with our caseworker and found out all of the information we need to know. This agency is very much intent on spelling everything out and has clear guidelines for required communications. We liked that we know we will hear from our caseworkers on a regular basis.

After our orientation call, our friend Jerry, who is Mei Mei's daddy, went to his office with us and notarized a gazillion papers. Tomorrow we will overnight them so that we will be officially on the list (which is short by the way). We'll have to get our homestudy updated a bit for this new agency's requirements and then we'll also have to get the dossier together.

They say to anticipate a 6-8 months wait for a referral, but referrals have been coming at a much faster rate. So, we could feasibly be getting a baby by the end of the year!

Oh wait, I forgot to mention that this new program is a birth mother program, so she'll choose us. That means NO specifying gender, so we might be getting another boy. We're totally okay with that.

So, please be praying for us as we continue on this journey of growing our family. We'll keep you updated, we promise.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Update

I was in Oklahoma this weekend, so Abbey and Reed had a great chance to spend some time together.

They made some yummy Rice Kripy Treats. It was a great time, but I really missed some good treats according to these pictures.

And ... I love Rice Krispy Treats.

The other thing is that they must have been 10 times better because they were made by my favorite little Asian chef!

I think that Reed enjoyed hanging out with his Mama!

When I got home from the airport today, Reed was snoozing.

It gave Abbey and me a chance to catch up and have a nice little uninterrupted conversation.

Next weekend, Reed and I have a chance for some Daddy and Reed time because Abbey is going to Florida to teach at a conference in Jacksonville. We have really been racking up the miles this month.

Click on the picture above to see a cute, uneventful video of Reed talking about his Rice Krispy Treats.

This is Reed this morning before church. I think Abbey must have been doting on how cute he was, because he is totally rolling his eyes.

Be sure to check out this last video:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Washington D.C.

Abbey and I spent the past weekend in the D.C. area. We were privileged to be asked to go to First Baptist Church Easton, MD to teach their children's workers and parents. It was a wonderful experience.

Since Abbey hates talking to strangers, we decided that we would self-portrait our trip around the National Mall. We must have walked at least 10 miles that day!

It was really nice weather. It was my first trip to D.C.

The Washington Monument is larger than I thought it would be.

This was our first trip to book solely on and I must say I would do it again.

We got a great price on a rental car and an amazingly nice hotel room in "The Westin" for only $57.00 per night.

While we were in D.C./Maryland, Reed was at Pop's and Lola's. Sick. He had a nasty sinus infection and was running a fever and didn't feel good at all.

One night we skyped with him and he was so pitiful.

Saturday night, we ate dinner with the staff of the church and their families in Maryland. It was the most amazing crab cake dinner ever. Delicious!

Sunday morning, Abbey and I demonstration taught Sunday School and then we both taught a conference that morning. Sunday afternoon we both taught two conferences. It was a long day, but the people at the church was so kind and friendly. We loved them. They have an incredible Children's Minister who does an wonderful job and really works to meet the needs of the parents and children in her church.

Monday morning, we were blessed to speak at the MOPS group. We were able to share a little about our adoption experience.

It was a lot of fun to be able to spend some quality time with Abbey.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Late Post

I was supposed to post this the other night. I uploaded the pictures and then forgot or didn't have time to do the post.

Reed went to the zoo the other day with our little girls from Uganda and the Philippines. The girls have gone home now much to Reed's delight. He was a little (lot) jealous.

We are out of town this weekend, so Reed is staying at Pop and Lola's house.

Unfortunately, Reed doesn't feel well. It is hard to be so far away while he is sick. We have got to get him an appointment with an allergist when he comes home.

I think that Pop and Lola are enjoying a little more "cuddle" time this weekend than one normally gets from the Reedster.

Yesterday, we flew to DC for a training that Abbey and I are leading in Baltimore. We walked and walked and walked and walked and saw most of the monuments and memorials. Today we were going to go to the Holocaust museum, but the the Cherry Blossom Parade is downtown and the traffic will be atrocious. So, we decided to sleep: LATE!

Reed likes wearing other people's shoes. Anyones shoes.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Cutie

Reed was looking really cute in his seersucker suit and purple polo this morning. He was actually even willing to smile for one picture.

The tulips that Uncle Bill planted last year are popping up and blooming. They are pretty.

I think he looks like a preacher in this picture.

Notice my freshly painted red door. I painted it red a couple of years ago, but it had faded from red to pinkish maroon and some kids egged it last October.

Tonight we had the most amazing group of kids at our church. They were from Uganda, Philippines, and Nepal. They were a part of the International Children's Choir with the World Help organization.

I generally support only Southern Baptist organizations, because I know that they are reputable and can be trusted, but I believe that this organization is doing a great work. I encourage you to check out their Web site and see how you can help.

Of course, I started tearing up during the first song and made to full out cry when the children were singing "Worthy Is the Lamb" and several of the children had their hands lifted in worship. It was beautiful!

Tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night two girls are spending the night with us. Unfortunately I cannot take pictures to put on the blog, but the girls are so sweet. One is from Uganda and one is from the Philippines. I would keep them both!

Tomorrow they are going to the zoo and then when I get off we are going to go to the Y to swim. The girls are really excited.

Our Easter picture. We all wore a little purple.

We forgot to get Reed's Easter basket ready for him to have this morning, so he didn't get it until after lunch. We didn't go really crazy with it, because Easter is so not about baskets and eggs and bunnies, but we did get him a few items from dollar spot at Target. Thankful for the Curious George selection!