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Monday, September 10, 2007

My First Diaper Change

In case your wondering, it's 1:15 AM in Taiwan and while I would like to type that we are awake for a screaming baby, that's simply not the case. Reedo has pretty much been asleep since 6:10 PM and kind of was squirming around 12:50 AM. We figured he was hungry so we got him a bottle. He's only given us 1 tear, that was a while ago.

We had our first changing experience with our baby at the baby store. He was not bothered by the change at all, nor by the fact that Daddy was doing the dirty work.

Had to take the time for a belly kiss.

The foster mother was so sweet and so proud she dressed Reedo in one of the outfits that we sent him. The onesie was NB and the pants were 3M. Now, take a look at the "fireworks" (that's what it is Maggie) onesie above, that's 9M and is snug as a bug!

So, the hardest part of the diaper change was getting his clothes off.

Yes, that's a kiddy table his laying on.

His pants got back on with the help of Mommy and a crowbar.

Mommy ate a traditional Taiwanese meal for lunch. Daddy held baby because his meal was on a stick like Mr. Kevin told him it better be.

Is it alright that it was a corn dog?

Thanks for the new banner Aunt Ava!
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