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Monday, September 10, 2007

And then we were three.

Here's some pictures finally! Brace yourselves, a lot of picture, and a little "ugly" cry.

First, we got Reed's information about feeding, sleeping, etc. He is a very happy baby according to the paperwork.

Because there were so many of us, we walked to the foster mother's house. It was only down an alley nearby the agency, but for us it felt like the green mile.

As we approached, I had already begun to feel my lip quivering. I warned Abbey that it was coming.

And there he was in all his glory! Our beautiful baby boy! He was sitting in his stroller. We had prepared ourselves not to get to hold him for the first few minutes, so imagine our surprise when ...

The foster mother took him from the stroller and directly into his MOTHER'S arms. It was amazing. Proceed with ugly cry from Daddy.

The only way to describe it is the culmination of many prayers. Reed was immediately our son and we were immediately his parents.

I just repeated over and over, "I love you, I love you!" As soon as I called him Reed, he turned his head to me. It was surreal.

Mommy told Daddy he needed to stop with the ugly cry because I was scaring our son!

I did and things were happy again.

Okay, maybe I was almost done.

This is one happy baby, everybody! He smiles and talks a bunch!

Lots and lots of kisses. Mommy is amazed by Reed's spiked hair!

A boy and his mother. Isn't it wonderful?

He took to us immediately. He was not scared at all. We know that God prepared his heart for this.

He also looks WHEREVER the camera is pointing to him. In this case there were 4 cameras and a video camera. He was looking all over the place!

Another happy picture.

Our walk back to the agency to meet the birth mother, we find out shortly after this picture that the birth grandparents are there as well.


The birthfamily experience was EMOTIONAL, gut-wrenching, completely worth it. But, man oh man, were we not prepared!

Reed's birthmother brought him this stuffed bear I am holding.

We listen to the family talk about their hopes and dreams for our son.

In a way, I am glad the contacts wouldn't go in this morning!

The birthfamily saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. It was so great that we were able to meet them and get to tell Reed all about them. It was an experience that we wouldn't trade for the world. But one thing that we will be sure to tell them was that these people not only gave him life, THEY LOVE HIM. THEY really love him and they want the very, very best for him. God knew that when He put our family together, because like them, WE REALLY REALLY LOVE REED and we want the best for him.

in front of the wall. I signed it for our family. It looks like a 2 year old wrote on it. I am way too emotional!

In front of the agency!

Reed is wonderful. He takes lots of short naps. He goes straight to sleep by laying him on his back and rubbing his belly. He hasn't seemed to miss a beat. He's talking and laughing like crazy.

WE ARE SO BLESSED! Thank you God for this wonderful opportunity to be Reed's parents!
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