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Monday, September 10, 2007

Like Father, Like Son

I'm not sure why this one is sideways, but my baby loves to take a cat nap! He is asleep on the way from Feng Yuan

Here he is napping while we were at a roadside rest area which had a food court.

Here he is sleeping again while we were on the road.

He was playing with his mommy and got his pacifier, rolled over and went to sleep. Mommy moved him to his crib.

I just love this kid!

We have nearly 300 photos from today, so keep reading, we'll be posting more. We're working on video!

Okay, so the last one was posted after this was originally posted. Aunt Ava was on the phone and we were trying to get Reed to talk to her. He is not really good with on command, like laughing when videoing or talking on the phone. We tried to get him to talk to Enna and Aunt Ava, and barely got a peep. Anyway, I guess Reed will fit into our family perfectly. Lots of napping!
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