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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Here We Are Again!

It's Saturday and we are at church. Tomorrow is Sunday School Promotion day, so all the little boys and girls that will be starting school next week, get to go to their new classrooms. This year, we saved promotion to the end of the summer. Last year (I wasn't here then), they let them move up at the end of May! Do you know what kind of attitude a 5th grader that "is really a sixth grader" gets? I wasn't ready for that. I guess we will hear it tomorrow. We are up here to let the teachers get their rooms ready for their new students. It is great that our teachers make an effort to come up here on their day off. We are very blessed to be in such a wonderful church. We stay REALLY busy! Check out our church website at

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Our Family

Our cats, Jack and Will, enjoy lounging in our tub. Well, honestly, they enjoy lounging anywhere. They make sure that they get plenty of rest each day. I guess that is good because we certainly do not have time to rest. On Thursday of next week, it will be three years since we adopted our two cats. They have lived in all of our married homes except our awful first apartment. Ralphie is our new ball of energy. He is a one year old cocker that could not stay with his previous owners. Our house stays pretty busy with the animals and with our jobs.

The New Blog on the Web

We finally have our own blog. Rest assured that when Abbey is posting, the grammar will be perfect and when I am, it won't. Hopefully we will be better at updating this than we are at emailing our friends. Email us and tell us what you want to know. We are currently living in Springfield, TN. I am Minister of Preschool and Children at First Baptist Church in Springfield and Abbey is going to be a teacher again this year. I will tell you about our family in the next blog.