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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Flat Reed: Finally the Nursery

We've been promising to publish pictures of the nursery for quite some time. It's been quite the crazy day, but we want to make sure that you all know what Reed will be coming home to.

The only thing that is missing is a cross-stitched picture that Abbey's Aunt Sib made for her when she was born. It has been getting a new frame. It will go right about the cross.

The canvases that Aunt Ava painted and the dresser Abbey and I refinished.

The bed and the square shelves that we painted white.

The bookshelf we refinished and the door-hanging that Mrs. Melanie gave Reed.

Today has been so surreal! What we've waited for is finally here and we're quite ready! Ready or not, we're leaving first thing in the morning. When I came home from work, I took a nap. Abbey photographed "my last nap." I didn't sleep well last night because I was too excited.

Abbey made "Journey to Reed" ribbons so that we could easily recognize our luggage.

I think they will help, since EVERYONE has red luggage these days!

Finally, what do you do on the night before you fly around the world? Go to Chili's, go to the mall (Gymboree, of course), go to Target, go to Sonic, get the rest of the things ready (cameras, battery's, video tapes, medicine, etc.), and watch a movie, because you're too excited to go to bed!

___________ Important Travel Info ________________

We would love for our friends and family to meet us at the airport when we get off the plane in Nashville.

We will be arriving from Houston on Continental at 10:45 on Friday the 14th. We ask that friends please stay down in the baggage claim area and allow our family to meet us at the security gate upstairs.

All are welcome to attend Reed's homecoming.


Gotta go, I am sure that there is something that we are forgetting!
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