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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Going to the Doctor

Before I start this blog, let me update you on our patient Abbey. Last night, around 10 PM, Abbey was really not well and I took her to the ER. She was dehydrated and had to get 2 liters of fluid via IV. She slept most of the night and today. She is doing better this evening.

Reed slept from 8:30 - 3:30 before he woke for his bottle. We got back from the ER at 2:00 AM, so it was nice to get an 1.5 of sleep before I got up to give him his bottle. Reed takes his bottle like he's driving a Nascar, so in no time at all he was back asleep. That excludes the few minutes that I had to change his PJs, because he started teeteeing while I was changing him. At some point I noticed light coming in the window and Reed started wiggling. It was nearly 7:00 AM!!! Woo-hoo!

I went back to sleep and let Lola play with Reed. When it was nearing time to go to the doctor, we decided that we needed to get Reed ready. Lola has as much trouble with his footed PJs as Daddy does!

At the doctor, we first had to be measured and weighed.

Getting one of the Wiggles to be still is kind of hard, but we think we got a pretty accurate measurement of 27 inches.

Before Reed was weighed, he had to get his diaper off.

Reed was very interested in how much he weighed. And the grand total is ... 20 pounds!

Reed enjoys being all naturale, so it was a little difficult getting the diaper back on.

Once back in the examining room, Reed realized that the nice people at the clinic had remembered to cover the examine table with paper! How exciting!

Reed played with the paper.

Then, he played with the paper some more.

After he was done playing with the paper, he decided that he would play with the paper a little longer!

You get the picture.

Reed likes to "pretend" like he is sleepy.

Finally, the doctor came in and she brought Reed a new book. That was very sweet of her.

She was very kind and was very helpful in answering all of our questions. Mommy had us loaded with questions to ask since she was too sick to come to the doctor with Reed. I hope that we remembered to ask all of the questions.

The doctor was a little worried that Reed might be shy around her. Ha!

Reed loved the doctor's examining tool. It was so fascinating.

And to Reed, it looked DELICIOUS!

Reed lost his respect for the tool when he learned what the true use of the tool was. He really didn't care for it being in his ear!

The doctor had a special tool that she used to get earwax deep out of Reed's ear! Can you imagine how excited Reed was about this?

Reed was not overly impressed by his doctor visit. I think he sort of found it to be a bore. So, he fell asleep, especially during the rapid fire questioning from daddy and Lola about what Reed should be eating, how long he should be sleeping, what his poopy should look like, etc.

Laid back!

For your reading enjoyment, I have omitted the next few minutes' worth of photos where Reed was rudely awakened from his peaceful slumber to get 3 shots!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Reed was nice and calm once Daddy picked him up and held him for a few moments.

All dressed and ready to go show all the kids in the playpen his battle wounds!

I can hear it now, "You think that's bad, I got 3 shots and the lady didn't even stop when I couldn't catch my breath! It was all cool though!"

Apparently, the nurse was wrong. She said that the shots wouldn't make Reed drowsy, however, at 7:35 he couldn't hold his eyes open. Now, let's see how he sleeps!
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