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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Baby Feet

Most of you know that for a while now, Abbey and I have been praying for a baby. We have recently found out that having a biological child of our own will be a slim possibility. We have decided to pursue adoption full-force. We are so excited about this opportunity, and know that we can love and care for the baby that God has designed for us.

The news was tough to hear, but we are honestly VERY excited about this opportunity. We have both always thought adoption was an incredible gift and we are thrilled that we will be able to share in this wonderful event.

Please begin praying for the birthmother and the birthfather who will be making such an incredible sacrifice in order for a child to have life and for us to become parents. Pray that God will lead us to the right agency and that we will be patient in waiting for our newest family member to arrive.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Wonderful Writers

An update from Writer's Conference. We had a blast. Abbey and I were both completely exhausted. It was so tiring, but so awesome.I have the absolute best team of writers. They were full of creative ideas and are geared up to write curriculum for preteens.

From left to right:
Pam from Miami, FL
Beth from Brandon, Mississippi
Mary from Brentwood, TN
Joanna from Jackson, TN
Cindy from Ft. Worth, TX
GG from Joplin, MO
Mark from Raytown, MO

They did a phenomenal job thinking and creating. They are a loving and creative crew. I am very blessed to have them writing for LifeWay.

In other news, Abbey and I joined Springfield Baptist Church today. Everyone there was really excited to have us join them. The pastor is a MC Alumni! Posted by Picasa

Some More Pictures from the Costume Party

Here's a rundown of the events from last night:

1. Eating supper. We had several desserts, including "kitty litter", graveyard concoction, fruit with pumpkin dip, and pizza.

2. Mummy Making Contest. Each couple got two rolls of toilet paper and one of us had to become a mummy. I wrapped and Abbey was the mummy.

3. Chubby Bunny. We had to put as many marshmellows in our mouths as we could hold and still be able to say: "Chubby Bunny." Grace was the winner.

4. Pumpkin Carving Contest. Each couple carved their own pumpkins. We had a flower/vase pumpkin, Tennessee pumpkin, Vote Pedro, Happy Pumpkin, Shrekish pumpkin, and revolving pumpkin. Matt and Grace's "Shrek" won.

5. Lip Sync Contest. We formed two teams, couples were divided. Abbey's group lip synced "Dancing Queen," and our group did "Circle of Life." We totally won, although Jonathon was certainly a dancing "queen."

6. Costume Contest. The redneck Tennessee Fans won, hands-down. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Costume Party

We had a blast tonight with our new friends from our small group at church. Abbey and I went at Mr. and Mrs. George Bush (senior). I am not so sure how good of a George I was, but Abbey was an excellent Barbara. It was probably one of the most fun parties I have ever been too. Brandon and Tamara were excellent hosts. Jimmy and Malene were excellent at helping plan some of the games.
Grandma meets the president's wife. Grace (our Minister of Music's wife) came as grandma. She was hilarious!
We had a pumpkin carving contest. Since Abbey and I had used all of our creative abilities up this week at Writers Conference, we only came up with "Vote Pedro". It turned out to be a cute pumpkin though.
Here's a picture of our fabulous new friends from Springfield Baptist, allow me to introduce you.
Grandma - Grace
Hawaiian Guy - Matt (Minister of Music)
Raggedy Ann - Tamara
Napoleon - Brandon
Pumpkn - Erin
Hobbit - Drew
Michael Jackson - Jimmy
Elf - Malene
Redneck Tennessee Fan Man - Jonathon
Redneck Tennessee Fan Woman - Jillian
The Bushes - Us

It was so much fun! God has blessed us so abundantly with this great new group of friends. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some more pictures...

Here's the Sprinkles! They are happy aren't they! Now enjoy the views. I'm in Writer's Conference, so is Abbey. I'm too busy to blog much, but wanted you to get the opportunity to view!

 Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Happy Couple

Despite the fact that someone did not remember to charge the battery and our picture taking was cut short (That was my fault.), we had a wonderful, relaxing time. I think this turned out to be one of the best pictures. Mr. Sprinkles took this one. It is simply amazing that God has blessed us with so much: each other, great friends, loving family, and beautiful surroundings. Posted by Picasa

Ummm... Breakfast

As you know, we got away this weekend for a beautiful visit to Tellico Plains, Tennessee. It is an unspoiled area of wonderful colors of God's creation. We stayed in a very nice cabin with our dearest friends, The Spicklers. Ab and Sheila woke up and fixed a wonderful breakfast.
A shot of the yummy bacon. This was the first time that I had pork since my "episode" last week. It was delicious!
The bountiful table was set in a wonderful dining room. There were amazing views from every chair. The breakfast was incredible.
Steam from the coffee. It was all good. More food pictures coming! Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 20, 2006

OH.... The Irony

A few weeks ago, I was driving home, minding my own business when out of no where, blue lights come on. I looked down at the speedometer and I was speeding. I completely deserved the ticket.

Last night we were on our way home from Goodlettsville when we got onto Old Greenbrier Pike. We were in separate cars. I started going about 46-47 in a 40 or 45 (who would know in Greenbrier as the speed limit changes every 15 feet). Anyway, My lovely wife was trailing behind me. I looked over and saw a cop, but really didn't think anything about it. Then Abbey passed the cop and all of a sudden blue lights. He was coming after her?

Now, I am not saying that Abbey is old or anything, but she drives SLOW! There is no way she should have gotten a ticket when I didn't. Especially on Old Greenbrier Pike, because there is a house on the road that I am almost sure leaves food in the front yard for deer (which I know is stupid and dangerous, but there are ALWAYS deer on that road). Because there are deer always out there, Abbey drives EXTREMELY slow on that road, but somehow, she was going 44 in a 40 and got a ticket! Now that's just not right.

On the website E-Podunk, I found the following crime statistics for Greenbrier:
"Crime: The number of violent crimes recorded by the FBI in 2003 was 34. The number of murders and homicides was 1. The violent crime rate was 6 per 1,000 people."

Now, I realize that these stats are a few years old, but I don't really think that the crime rate has risen that much. Funny how, over the past few weeks, every time I drive through Greenbrier, there is someone pulled over. I believe that Greenbrier has gotten like Coopertown and is just pulling everybody over.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Anitbiotical Man and The Amazing Dessertista

While the Amazing Dessertista was out of town showing off all of her beautiful dessert creations to all of her fans in the Magnolia State, the Antibiotical Man was left to make decisions for himself. When it comes to things other than his specialty areas, he usually depends on A to help him make decisions. Sometimes, he gets into trouble. Like he did the other night when he chose the wrong thing to eat.

The wrong thing soon became apparent when Antibiotical Man had to spend lots of time with his arch-nemesis the Porcelain Throne Room. After spending more time than he cares to remember with the PTR, his strength zapped, Amazing Dessertista came to his rescue.

A. went to her day job as an unassuming schoolteacher, while Antibiotical Man lingered in his own weakness in bed. She called during her break to see if she could come to AM's rescue and she got him an appointment with the powerful Dr. Raydar. Dr. R prescribed a lovely concoction of anti-nausea and antibiotics to get AM back to his normal self. (But...wait, that's not all, she also took some of AM's blood for further testing --AM almost passed out --remember his other nemesis -- his own blood!) EGADS!

After another day of just a few crackers, ginger ale, and popsicles, AM started to feel better and asked for soup. That's when Sprinkle Boy and Sprinkle Girl came to the rescue bringing some strength juice from Demosinos!

Dr. R called the Dessertista back to tell her that she had underestimated the evil efforts of the Porcelain Throne Room and she was taking a different approach. She prescribed a powerful medication and that made Antibiotical Man feel a little better.

AM, once again, against the better judgement of Dessertista went to work this morning, but came home beat down like superman with kryptonite. He does, however, feel like eating something with a little more substance.

He vows, "One day, evil Porcelain Throne Room, I will conquer YOU!!!"
Note: Please don't call my doctor and tell her to prescribe antipsychotics. I really am in my right mind, it's just, how much TV can a guy watch?!?!?! The desserts above were brought to you by the Amazing Dessertista. Please call for pricing for your next event. The Mexican plate below is to show Sprinkle Boy that there must be some Mexican food beside that place in G-ville that's appealing! Posted by Picasa

An Update From Last Week

Since I have not give you all an update of our time in Texas last week, here is a little information. This is an actual GOLD medal won by an American Softball player. I can't remember her name, but this is probably the only time that I will ever touch a gold Olympic Medal. This is Mark Lippard. He's a juggler and unicycler. He even juggled fire!
I know that a few blog fans are Jeff Slaughter fans (for those of you who may not know who he is, he has written VBS music for LifeWay for years and is a recording artist). Anyway, he's a really cool guy and I actually have his over-shirt seen in the picture on our kitchen counter. I had to borrow to wear during my conferences. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Abbey's Adventure in Memorable Mississippi

Normally I don't use third person, but I couldn't resist the alliteration in the title. What a whirlwind weekend I've experienced! I began the weekend with a trip to the self-proclaimed Catfish Capital of the World, Belzoni, Mississippi. Along with my family, I went to an engagement celebration for Ava and Brookie. One of the most interesting parts of the trip included the discovery of life-sized catfish located in the city. They are everywhere, and I might add, very scary! I begged Brookie and Ava to pose with one...

One can't visit the Jackson area without stopping at Fernando's and sampling the best tacos in the world! Jeff introduced me to this delicacy when we were dating.

It was a great time to visit and catch up with my favorite sister, who is knee-deep in very meaningful wedding plans!

And now for the debut...I got to visit one of my favorite people, Emily, and her 7-month old little boy Caden. Not only is he debuting on our blog, he is also wearing for the very first time overalls! Isn't he cute? He also needs your prayers as he needs his little heart to grow strong and he needs to stay well.

Saturday was spent preparing food for Ava's shower. No shower would be complete without brownie bites, graham cracker cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, cream cheese tarts, and almond bars.

Ava's shower went very well, and everyone seemed to love the monogrammed strawberries I made. If only I could find a way to make a career out of cooking, wouldn't that be fun?
(Imagine a picture of monogrammed strawberries here - blogger is being cranky!)

Overall, besides the fact Jeff didn't attend, the weekend was a great time getting to know my future bil and hanging out with my family.
Below is a pitcutre of Mom and Brookie having a heart-to-heart at Ava's apartment.
(Again, imagine a picture of Mom and Brookie; maybe one day blogger will cooperate!)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sick in Bed

I have never missed work because I was sick. However, today, work is definitely not a place I could be. For the past several days, I have had a pretty bad stomach ache and all of the things that come with that.

I am laying in bed right now, and still don't feel much better. I have only eaten a few crackers, ginger ale, and a little diluted jello. Abbey is going to get me something on the way home. The only thing that I really feal like eating is some popsicles.

I didn't put a picture on this post for two reasons: 1. I don't know where the camera is, and 2. I don't think you want to see me right now!

UPDATE FROM ABBEY: Jeff is still really sick and not able to keep anything down. I took him to the doctor yesterday, and they suspect possibly Hepatitis A or a virus. We're waiting on bloodwork to come back to narrow the possibilities. Please pray for him as we both are supposed to be at Writer's Conference next week. He needs to be prepared, and I don't need to catch it if he does have a virus!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Samstag der Spaß mit Freunden (Saturday Fun with Friends)

This morning I woke up well before nature intended people to wake up on Saturday morning. Since Abbey is not home I didn't sleep well, so it really wasn't that bad. The Sprinkles arrived at 7:30 and we went to Larry's for breakfast. It was very good.

Then we went to the soccer fields in Ashland City to see some of our favorite little people play ball. It was great to see several of the kids from church. They were all playing their hearts out.

After the soccer fields, we drove to the Joelton Car Show where we saw more people from church that I have not seen in a while. I was actually pretty impressed by the car show. There were lots of contestants. It amazed me that some people considered their cars special, as they were neither old or new, just clean. If that were all it took I could enter my Jeep everyday. Okay, so if clean was the requirement, my car would NEVER be entered.

After the car show, we went to Oktoberfest in Germantown. It brought out some very interesting people, including this couple. I did not take this picture, ironically, I found it when I googled "Oktoberfest." Apparently they are there every year.

I came home and worked on the laundry and took a long nap. Then tonight, I went over to the Hampton's house for a weiner and marshmellow roast. I got to see several more friends and their children, so that was excellent.

Now I am all snuggled into bed and the last of the laundry is in the wash.

Friday, October 13, 2006

No Love for Fancy Hotels

Call me a country boy or whatever you want, but I don't have any love for fancy hotels. We stayed in the Hilton this week and I was just not overwhelmed. I normally stay in the Hampton Inn when I am traveling and I always enjoy it. Let's look at a comparison.

Both hotels are owned by the Hilton family.

At the Hilton you get breakfast by status, Gold first, Silver next, then the rest of us. The problem: it's 13 bucks!
At the Hampton Inn, you get a warm continental breakfast whenever you want it in the morning, AND there is a to-go bag if you are on the run. It is free!

At the Hilton you get a USA Today under your door each morning. That's great if you have time to read it! At the Hampton Inn, there are newspapers available at breakfast.

At the Hilton you pay 50 cents per local call. At the Hampton Inn you get free local calls.

At the Hilton you get two one-liter bottles of water in your room. The problem is, they are 5 bucks a piece! At the Hampton Inn, there is always water and coffee available in the lobby.

At the Hilton you have access to wireless-high-speed internet. You turn on your computer and it directs you to a site where you pay 12 bucks to use the internet for 24 hours. At the Hampton you also have access to the itnernet. You get a code when you check in, and it is free!

At the Hilton you go to the business center to use the computer and it charges you per minute! At the Hampton Inn you go to the business center and use the computer for as long as you want for free.

Call me a country boy, but I think I'll take the Hampton.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

We're home!

Just wanted to let everybody know that we have made it home safely. We had a great trip and you will get more information soon. Right now, we're tired and going to sleep!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Weekend with Friends

Nobody told me it was a no sunglasses picture! It turned out great anyway. Some nice lady took the picture for us.
We ate supper at a Texas favorite, Johnny Carinos. I don't think they have them in Tennessee, do they? It was really great. Our waitress took the picture. We love B and J because they are the type of friends that we just get to "pick up where we left off." It's not a struggle to be friends with them, because we get along so well. They were a blessing to us in Seminary and still are.
We certainly haven't forgotten our blessing in Tennessee, the Sprinkle! Whenever we're out and see a house that reminds Mr. Sprinkles of his home state Viriginia (although some would add a West before the word), he calls attention to it. This one reminds me of Virginia, but I have never been there!
Jaime and I were children's ministry classmates, so we have a lot in common. While we were at our favorite spot, Starbucks (try the Maple Macchiato! Yum!), I had a little fun when the Barista asked us our names. Blanton and Abbey were not as willing to be daring. Jaime's name was Latisha and my name was Jerome. When we were in Seminary B, J, A, and I would hang out for hours at the 'bucks. Posted by Picasa

Weekend with Friends II

Close friends can clown around. I tried *wink, wink* to push Blanton in the water!
"Hey, did you see that whale?" "No, I didn't see it, what did it look like?" "A WHALE!"
A happy couple in front of the waterfall. They pretty and man-made.
Another happy couple in front of the waterfall. Posted by Picasa

Weekend with Friends

Mr. Hollywood, Blanton, is our great friend. I met him my first semester in Seminary. I also met his wife, Jaime, in the same class. I knew them before they were them! It's been fun to see them become a couple, get married, and now serve together.
You're always at home in a town with a McAllister's. Abbey and Jaime had the privelege of riding in the back seat of the convertible. We've definitely gotten our money's worth out of this car.
B and J live in Wichita Falls and we set out to find the falls. We were a little disheartened to see that we would have to walk 43 miles to get there. Oh no, wait, there was a dot before the 43, it's really only a half a mile.
Apparently, people in Wichita Falls are much like many others I have seen who don't have a problem destroying God's creation! UGH! Posted by Picasa