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Friday, August 31, 2007

Flat Reed: Goodies!

Mrs. Trudy brought a bag into my office today and told me that it was for Abbey and me. I didn't know what it could be because Mrs. Trudy has already done a lot for Reed and us. I opened it up and it was lots of goodies for us to take to Taiwan and on the plane with us.

Mrs. Trudy knows that Daddy is a very picky eater and he is most concerned with what he will eat while he is in Taiwan. It was very thoughtful of her to give us such a neat gift.

Why did she give it to us today? Well, that's because she is going to Cancun on vacation and she won't be here when we leave on Friday. HA! Did you read that? I didn't say "next Friday," because now it is just Friday.
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