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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today, Abbey was cooking supper and I was outside mowing the yard.

When she came upstairs, she learned that Reed was attempting to become the next Picaso.

... He is thinking about a career in inking himself!

As you can see, he was really good at getting full coverage. Yes, we are thankful for washable markers, now if we only knew where he found it!

After a shower, Reed took some time to talk on the phone.

Uncle Bill told Reed a funny joke.

And then he chased the balls around his room.

Next he began to consider a career as a plumber, but decided it was too drafty.

But right now, his profession of the day is ball-tester.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is Abbey's first 29th birthday! Unfortunately, I don't think it was the most exciting birthday for her!

We were so busy this weekend with church, then Granny's death, that I didn't have a chance to plan much in the line of a celebration! I didn't even get her a card. I get the bad husband award!

Tomorrow, Jane is going to take Abbey out for her birthday. I think she's going to have a good day. Abbey also had a facial today, which I think she enjoyed immensely.

Check back tomorrow night, I'll try to be a better blogger.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Abbey and Tamara both have birthdays during April, and they both love the Melting Pot. The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant for those of you who are not familiar with it. It is really good and very filling!

Since the girls both have birthdays in April, they decided that they would just skip exchanging gifts and we would all go out to eat.

We went tonight and it was very good. So, I think that Abbey had a really good precelebration for her birthday.

On a sad note, Abbey's Granny passed away this morning. She was in her nineties and had been in declining health for sometime, but it is never easy to lose someone that you love. We will be traveling to Dyersburg tomorrow after VBS training at our church. We are going to stay with my aunt who happens to live in the same town.

Keep Abbey's family, especially Lola in your prayers, please.

(Kerry - that's not a Christmas wreath on our door, but I am wondering if we need to change it if it looks like one! :) )

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bird Bath

Reed woke up this morning and needed to check his email.

He was very interested in one email about Elmo's recent trip to Sesame Street.

Then, he decided that it would be fun to go to a park.

He's such a big boy. He wanted to carry his own diaper bag.

After the park, it was time for a snack! Yummy Mia! That's what Reed always says.

It was a great snack!

We had grand plans of planting flowers in our flowerbeds this evening, but when we went to the store they were out of our chosen flower of the year, "Vinca."

So, we decided to put the birdbath together.

Uncle Bill came over to help work in the yard, so it was good to have the help with the birdbath. We got the birdbath from Lola and Pop's house when they bought it was couple of years ago.

Maybe tomorrow, we will get find the vinca somewhere.

Reed enjoyed pushing his car while we worked.

He pushed the car a few miles, I am sure!

Then he pushed it over on its side and had a big time!

He fixed its tire.

And laughed a lot!

It was a great time and a beautiful day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Family Night Supper

Tonight, we were invited over to Oma and Papa's for supper with their family. Reed loves to go over to Oma and Papa's because they have the most incredible little courtyard with a beautiful Coy pond.

Britton and Reed love to look at the fish and wave to them.

Reed really loves fish, especially since he got his own aquarium. I think that he would touch the fish if he could.

Britton could not believe what Reed told him!

Reed liked talking to Oma through the screen door.

As Abbey aptly said tonight, I don't think it is a question of if, but when the boys try jumping into the pond!

After nightfall, the boys went inside to read books.

These boys love to read books!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Midweek Update

Reed was especially personable today.

He was very active and full of himself. He was also sensitive! Abbey cleaned up the living room and then went into the bedroom and started cleaning. When she came out, he had destroyed the living room. She cried. Reed was upset and genuinely concerned and said "Mommy sad. Sorry Mama, love you. Mommy sad, sorry mama."

Then, when I got home, he hid from me as only Reed can. He was right in front of me in plain view, but I kept pretending not to see him. He thought it was hilarious. I had to mow the yard, so Abbey and Reed went to the park.

Tonight at church, I went to the business meeting. I got there early and was just observing things going on around me.

This lady, whom I don't really know, other than the fact that I know she is a new Christian came in. She immediately came over and started talking to the senior adult man behind her. She was telling him about how busy she had been today helping a lady clean out her basement. Apparently the lady had just moved here and needed a lot of help getting her house in order. The person went on to tell the man that her car had been in the shop this week and that she was a little nervous about having it fixed because she really didn't have a lot of money. The shop called and told her that she needed about $380.00 of work done. She said that she was just trusting the Lord to help her. She then continued the story of helping the lady with the basement. She said that she hadn't asked the lady how much she would pay her, but at the end of the day today, she gave her $400. She said, "It's a miracle!" Don't you sometimes wish that your faith was that fresh? I know that I definitely get bogged down in life sometimes and I miss the times that I am focused enough to just realize that God is God and He is in control!

The senior adult gentleman went on to tell her that they had plenty of odd jobs around their house and she should come and do some work for them so that she would have enough money. The girl said, "Oh, I'll come and do work for you, but I don't want your money, I've got all I need. I want to help you, because I love you." What a reminder!