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Monday, September 17, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We decided that we wanted to take Reed for a walk in his stroller this afternoon since it was such a beautiful day. First, we had to change Reed's outfit because he spit up on his first one!

This is what he calls his "model" pose. He wants to flex his muscles for the camera. We had to tell him that wasn't really muscle, but aren't the little rolls cute?

Reedo hasn't been sleeping so well for the past couple of nights. He didn't really nap all that well today either, until about 2:30 and he slept until almost 5:00. Of course, he chose to sleep while I was home. That was somewhat alright because I was beat! Work wasn't hard today, but it was hard to work! I missed being home!

I promise we are not drugging the little guy. He's just pretty tired as you can see from the picture. When Reed woke up, he and his daddy (that's me!) played for a while, then we went for a walk in the stroller. We came back and Lola cooked supper. Reed and I were playing on the ground and he went back to sleep for a few minutes.

Mommy wouldn't let me put Reed in the stroller until she was out there. Apparently, she didn't want me to put him in his stroller, she wanted to do it.

Mrs. Sarah, did you see his "tractor" shirt from Gymboree? We're trying to turn our boy into a Tennessee baby!

He will chew on anything! He likes to lean a lot, too! I think he's like his bloggy friend Kobi who also seems to lean a lot!

"Mommy, make sure you push it right!"

"Daddy, I don't think these straps are tight enough!"

"Mommy, where are all the scooters?" We told Reed that we lived on a quiet street, but he didn't believe us!

Reed had fun on his stroll. Carah and Cate (Danny and Michelle) came to see baby tonight. They had a lot of fun holding him. Don't worry, I got lots of good pictures.

After Daddy ate supper, he bathed Reedo while mommy ate her supper. Reed loves for Daddy to give him his baths and Daddy loves to spend any time he can with baby boy. After supper, baby got his PJs on and mommy brought up a bottle. Daddy laid on the bed while mommy rocked baby. Tonight when we said our family prayer, we asked God to help Reed sleep better tonight. I think that he will. He's been so sleepy today.
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