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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reed Goes to Church!

We had to wake Reed up at 8:30 so that he could get ready for church this morning.
He was excited to be able to go to church. I was really excited to be walking out the door 30 minutes before Sunday School started, because I had a few things that I had to get ready for because my kids got there.

Mrs. Grace (aka, Reed's other brown friend), finally got to meet Reed today. She had never met Reed because she and Mr. Matt went to Wales as soon as we got back. She loved Reed and he loved her!

Britton and Reed both went to Sunday School with their mommies this morning. I bet there was not a lot of Sunday School happening in there this morning.

Reed was so sweet. He was loving on Britton.

Britton and Reed sutdied all of each other's features.

Is he not the most beautiful thing in the world? I've got to quit bragging about my son, don't I?

What are you wearing?

Everyone rushed into the nursery after church to see Reed. He was definitely popular amongst the rest of our church members.

Reed had a great day! He was SOOO happy!

He had a lot of fun laughing and playing without any clothes on!

Reed then began eating baby food today! He had a lot fun eating eat, but he didn't really make a big mess.

Reed also thought that his bib was especially tasty. Of course, he must be really close to getting a tooth, because EVERYTHING has been really tasty today!

Mommy, who gives Laura Ingalls Wilder a run for her money, made her own baby food the other day with the help of Mrs. Michelle. Who can I compare her to? Mary Ingalls or Nellie Olson?

Yum, this is good mommy!

This is Reed right after we told him that his cousin Joshilyn was on her way. He was way excited!

Here Are Some Videos!

Here is a video of Reed eating baby food for the first time. He really enjoyed his green beans. It was a fairly uneventful experience.

Reed started crawling "tentatively" tonight. Here are some of his first "steps!"

I'm Going to Be an Uncle ... Soon

My brother Bobby just called to tell me he and his wife are on the way to the hospital to have their baby girl, Joshilyn! I'm so excited! I'll post pictures as soon as I get them!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Parker Creed is here!

Well, another baby was born yesterday! This time, it was Parker Creed, son of Maggie and Brad Ingram. We went to college with Maggie. Check out their blog to see pictures!

Where Did Saturday Go?

Well, it's 8:20 PM and that leaves me with the question, "Where did Saturday go?" I mean it seems like just a minute ago it was this morning and now it is tonight! I think we need to petition the government to add a couple of hours to Saturday.

Reed has been such a good sleeper this week. He's slept from 8-5:30 or 6:00 every night. Then took a bottle and went back to sleep. That's great, well, I forgot to mention that was every night except last night! He apparently knew it was the weekend and was not exactly excited about letting us sleep late.

Mommy was nice and got up with him and let me sleep. Then he finally went back to sleep and mommy got a chance to read her latest Sparks' novel.

Later, once Reed and I were both up, Daddy went to Donut Palace for Saturday morning breakfast. We were originally planning on me and Reed going, but we wasked the carseat cover last night and it was wet. So, I just picked it up and came home.

After breakfast, Mommy got ready while we played. Mommy went to get a pedicure and we took a stroll for the neighborhood. When we got home, Reed read a magazine for a while (as you see in the pictures above) and he took a nap. I thought about taking a nap, but watching Reed sleep was more fun.

Once mommy came home and we had lunch, Daddy got ready. Then our realtor came over and we listed our house. Did that come as a surprise? Well, we're not moving far (and we're not moving at all unless the house sells). We love our house and we love our neighborhood, but we are not able to accomodate many guests now that Reed is here because of limited bedrooms and no bonus room. So, when we saw a house in our neighborhood that is a lot larger than ours become reduced to a really great price, we decided to check it out. That's a side view of the house from our front stoop. It really is across the street and down 3 doors! Same street and everything. We couldn't move far from Mia! So, you all can pray that our house sells quickly!

Next, we all took naps and then went to Nashville to get my Jeep from work. On the way home, we stopped at Pizza Hut. Reed enjoyed his first trip to Pizza Hut and like always, everyone that walked by him, stopped to talk!

He had a choice of toys, but opted for the burp cloth!

We came home and Reed was ready for cereal! He loves cereal!

After cereal, it was time for Reed to have his bath. He was having a lot of fun in the bath tonight. He kept giggling at himself.

Look at how he prepares his mouth for his cereal. He is so funny. He starts jumping and getting excited when he hears the microwave door open!

Go for it buddy!

Welcome Hannah Lyle!

My roommate from college Chris Winklepleck and his wife Allison (whom had nearly every class with me in college) have a new baby. She was born last night at 9:23 PM. Go and visit their site to see the pretty girl!

Friday, September 28, 2007


Reed apparently has an extremely sweet demeanor when he wakes up. Mommy says that he looks like he is discovering the world all over again every morning. I. of course, wouldn't know this because I leave for work around 5:40 every morning.

I am excited about tomorrow morning because when Reed wakes up he gets to come get in our bed for a little while. The rule is that Reed and I get to watch TV while mommy fixes breakfast. I'll let you know how that goes!

I am also excited about seeing how Reed reacts when he wakes up. I bet he will not be as calm as he is with his mommy. My presence doesn't usually bring out the calm in our son.

Mommy is doing a great job of rotating Reed's toys out so that he doesn't get tired of playing with them. Daddy likes this too, because there is less clutter in the living room.

Reed loved this new toy. It's a little fish that Miss Jennifer gave him. I think he is really going to enjoy playing with it.

After a little while, Reed and mommy were getting a little cabin fever. They couldn't go anywhere because they were stranded. I had to take the van to work because last night after we were returning from dinner we forgot to stop back by my work to pick up my Jeep.

The only wheels that mommy and Reed had today were on his stroller. Reed, in typical silly fashion, chose to cover his face with his hat during the walk,

He looks like he was just having a blast doesn't he!?

I can't believe that he is awake. Mommy must be more interesting, because he would be asleep if I were there.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Day in Review!

Sorry, I have decided to cut the witty bantor out tonight in lieu of just a quick overview of the day. There are way too many premieres on tonight for me to be wasting my very SMALL amount of concentration available on thinking of something cute to say to make an already cute picture cuter. So, here goes!

Before the camera battery died yesterday, mommy took some pictures of Reed in his cute cowboy shirt. I don't know what the expression means on his face, but even when he's not smiling, he's cute, isn't he?

He loves to use his hands!

Reed got his first haircut today, but this is the only picture we got. Abbey bought rechargeable batteries that apparently don't come charged. We've fixed that now, because we bought some lithium batteries the obligatory trip to Target after the haircut. He didn't get a lot off, but at least now it is all even. He was REALLY good throughout the process.

Quote of the day comes from the puzzled stylist: "Neither one of you look like your hair is dark as his."

This is the closest we've come to "Where did you get him from?"

After Target, we had dinner with Mrs. Kay (Abbey's editor for her writing and my coworker) and her husband, Mr. Ken. Mrs. Kay said she wanted Mr. Ken to meet Reed, but the way she held him throughout the whole meal, I think she just wanted to hold him.

Reed became the welcoming committee at Jason's Deli thanks to Mr. Ken being kind enough to hold him in the open-air window.

Reed had his cereal in the van on the way home and fell asleep. That proved to be a problem when 8:00 rolled around and he was not sleepy!

For Tessa, enough said. Anyone else have any questions, check the past two weeks worth of posts and look for "Bryant Clan."

Reed in his jammies! I bet you can tell I picked it out. I just love BROWN!

Good night!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How to Make a Reeduritto!

It might have been all of the Mexican food that we ate while we were paper pregnant. And with all of the ups and downs of our paper pregnancy, we had a lot of Mexican food nights!

Reed must have developed a taste for Mexican while he was incubating in Taiwan, because he certainly has had no aversion to Mexican restaurants since we've been home.

So, here's how to make a Reeduritto:

1. Take a cute baby wearing his jammies. (It also helps when he looks directly at the camera. This one I call, "You really are going to blog my entire life aren't you?")

2. You also need an ultra cute baby quilt, hand-quilted by one of my coworker's 90-year-old mother! It probably helps to cover it with toys you bought knowing that baby would be more interested in the box that they came in.

3. Always allow time to stop in the middle of the process to "stop and smell the roses." (That's babinese for "stop and check out all the cool things under the sofa.")

4. After a reasonable amount of time, roll back over to the quilt and grab it by the corner. An upside down pacifier only heightens the cuteness of the Reeduritto, do not think that it has to be right-side-up.

5. Roll, roll, roll! Roll until you have the cutest Reeduritto you have ever seen!

I don't know why I am so obsessed with telling the bloggy world Reed's sleeping habits, but I just have to brag. Last night, which you all know was my night Reed went to bed at 8:30, he realized his pacifier was missing at 10:00 (but that was only a wimper), the next time we heard from him was 4:48 AM! That's 10 minutes before my alarm goes off, so I was able to pop right up, fix the bottle, change his diaper, and he was down again. He then completed his sleepy time at 8:30 this morning. Look out 12 hour sleepers, here comes my boy!

Tonight Reed went to church for the first time on Wednesday night. He went to the nursery and, of course, was a perfect angel for the workers! We went to choir, however, we left just a tadbit before it was over because it was killing us! He was so happy to see us when we came to get him. Another ego booster, right?