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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today's Recap

We didn't really take many pictures today, because we were quite busy getting back in the routine. We did, however, have one of our wonderful bloggy friends do some fun effects to our vacation photos.

Sarah, also known as Hannah Claire's mommy is one of the greatest people in all of bloggydom. We have been following Hannah Claire's story since before there was even a Hannah Claire. We pray that she gets to come home soon. Be sure to go and check out her blog because she is beautiful! A potential girlfriend for Reed, for SURE!

Getting back into the routine of life was a little hard in the land house. Reed woke up a couple of times last night, and around 4:00 AM he ended up in our bed. At 5:00, I reluctantly woke up and got ready for work.

Reed slept until 8:20 which was great for Abbey. She was able to get ready before he woke up. Reed went to MDO and Abbey got to rest some from the busy weekend.

Abbey and I had something to do this afternoon, so Reed was whisked away from MDO by Ms. Meghan. Reed had fun playing with Britton for a while and then I picked him up. We played outside for a little while and then had supper with Danny and Megan. It was a lot of fun to get to spend some time with them. It's been too long.

Now, we're all exhausted so I think we're going to turn in.

Oh, and I took the MacBook to the MacHospital and the harddrive is fried. It's going to be having a harddrive transplant in the near future. The new harddrive is going to have more memory! Woo-hoo!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Family Photos

I've seen people go to the beach for family photos and inevitably their children didn't cooperate.

What made me think our very-happy-the-entire-time-on-the-beach son would be any different?

Reed was not in the mood to pose in the sand, he wanted to play!

and play.

This was the first good shot we got, but someone's missing!

This one was pretty good.

getting there.


I mean, perfect! This one is us!

Beach Vacation Part II

Reed was always excited to see Britton while we were at the beach.

The boys loved seeing the sand and using their shovels to dig the sand.

Reed, of course, put us all to shame with his amazingly beautiful skin and the awesome ability to soak up the sun. Britton has very fair skin, so it was hard for him to understand why Reed didn't have to wear a hat.

We ate some really good seafood while we were in Alabama. Fresh seafood tastes so much better than frozen! You can always tell a difference. Of course, Tamara and I found an incredible CVS and scored some really good deals. I even found Reed 4 plastic balls for 10 cents each.

Reed enjoyed putting sea shells in the a bucket and then dumping them out. Then putting them back and dumping them out, then, well, you get the picture.

Reed felt very comfortable on the beach and didn't seem to mind going far from us. He also spoke to all of the passerbys.

For lunch yesterday, we headed to Lambert's (Home of the Throwed Rolls). It was good, but it wasn't exactly what I expected. I expected to see rolls flying in all directions, and it was really like that. They were good though.

We looked at a couple of the shops in Foley and Reed was completely tuckered out!

That's the face of a boy who had a great time!

Beach Vacation!

Did you wonder where we went?

After the first post at the beach, we had a little computer trouble. Now, our beloved MacBook will only show a grey screen. Tomorrow, the MacBook goes to the MacHospital. So, I guess despite the advertisements, Macs do fail!

Even though we were on an involuntary computer hiatus, we were still having a blast. The weather on the beach was incredible! It was so nice and so pleasant. It did get a little hot, but then that's what the beach is for, right?

Reed enjoyed the water and he LOVED the sand. We did realize that a baby saying "beach" can sound like something you really don't want to hear your child say!

Reed enjoyed spending time with Lola, Pop, and Aunt Ava.

He also enjoyed obliterating any attempts I made towards building a sandcastle.

I believe he only attempted to eat sand once.

He loved the elevator in the condo where we were staying. We were on the 18th floor, so it was a pretty nice ride up!

Friday, September 26, 2008

We're Here!

Well, we finally made it. Our condo is very, very nice. There are three bedrooms and three baths! That's the greatest!

The only issue with the condo is DSL! Yuck! So, it's taking a long time to upload pictures. Maybe it will decide to act a little faster tomorrow.

I'm sure this is no surprise, but Reed is even cuter on the beach!

Visiting Post

Go to the Batson's blog to see why we didn't post last night.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh the Places He Will Go!

So, the title says it and this picture proves it! Reed decided to sit in his drum today! He will pretty much go anywhere he thinks he can. The tighter the space the better!

Reed and Abbey got to come eat lunch with me today at work! Of course, we invited Kay Kay, Uncle Bill, Klista, Jan, and Debbie to come and eat with us as well.

Reed didn't forget his personality, that's for sure! He was full (of himself) of personality!

He is such a cheeser!

After lunch, my family came to visit me in my office. Seriously, I am not remembering that they were in my office very long. They were visiting everyone else!

Reed even grew some big ears!

Now, we're going to bed! We're really excited because tomorrow after work, we're going on vacation!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sniffles and such

Last night, I was up with sinus drainage and didn't feel really well. This morning when the alarm went off, I started getting ready for work and Abbey said, "Do you really feel good enough to go to work?"

I answered that I didn't, but I really hate missing work for sickness, so I planned to go in anyway. It didn't take me long to decide that I needed to get back in bed.

I went back to bed, and woke up around 9:00. Abbey brought me dayquil.

I went back to sleep around 10:00 and woke up around 2:00! Abbey said that she was in and out of the bedroom with me sleeping and I never budged!

Thankfully, today was Reed's MDO, so it was a peaceful day. Reed didn't take a nap at MDO and around 3:00 he was zonked! He slept until 5:00

Abbey made cream of chicken with wild rice soup for supper and it was delicious! It tasted better than Panera's!

We leave you tonight with a picture of Abbey's arrangement of the Willow Tree angels. Well, really the main one that I want you to notice is the one with the HEAD missing!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We're all home again!

Reed is home from Lola's and I am home from New Mexico. Abbey is home from her busy weekend of catering!

We missed REED so much! I think that he missed us, because he was really clingy. I had already planned to miss children's choir, but I had a meeting at church, so I stayed in the room with Reed until it was time for my meeting. Reed sat in my lap for nearly 30 minutes! I have never seen him so still.

(by the way, I think the above picture could be one of my favorites. look at his eyes!)

Of course, it was a reason to dance that the whole family was together again!

Reed went to sleep so quickly tonight, it took me by surprise. I am thinking he was asleep before the first song was over on his CD.


Here are some pictures from the Rehearsal Dinner. Abbey did an excellent job decorating! I am so proud of her. Miss Candace was a tremendous help as well!

Didn't she do a phenomenal job?