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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Tuesday ... We're At Chickfila

If you have followed our blog for even a small amount of time, you know that Tuesday nights are Chickfila nights. We've been going to Chickfila every Tuesday night that we are home since Abbey and I moved here over six years ago.

We love our local Chickfila. The associates know us and some of them even know our order before we start.

The boys love the play place.

Tonight, after Chickfila, we headed to our favorite store, Target! I had to pick up some supplies for a game night that I am having with our preteens tomorrow night. I've got to try some games for the children's ministry blog that I write for.

As you might can tell from the photos, Nash was not in the mood to have his picture taken tonight.

Tonight the boys also got to pick out their prize for sleeping in their beds for 10 nights in a row! We are so excited that they have done so well.

All three boys fell asleep on the way home from CFA. Reed stayed asleep, but Nash and Will woke up. Nash got to take a bath in our tub, which is a jacuzzi tub and he thought he was in a pool. He loved it!

In other news, we are really excited that tomorrow we get our van back. I don't know if I mentioned that someone rearended us on the way home from church the other day. We've not had our van in over a week and we've been cramming all three boys into the back of an Impala.

Reed thinks the idea of a rental car is really exciting, but even he admitted tonight that he doesn't like cars. We like bigger vehicles like my Jeep or Abbey's van!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day

I rarely take unplanned days off, but yesterday the snow started falling around 2 PM and and didn't stop 'til 7:00. It dropped a good amount of snow and the roads weren't treated.

This morning the news kept showing traffic backed up a long way on both of the interstates that I can use to get to work due to a jackknifed tractor trailer. So, I decided to take the day off. And boy was it a good decision.

I got to spend the day with my favorite four people in the world.

When Reed was little, we took him out in the snow. He HATED it, so we decided that I decided that I would take the big boys out to play in the snow and see how they liked it. This time was completely different. Reed and Nash both loved the snow.

The boys had a little trouble getting traction in their monster truck.

The boys don't have gloves that fit really well, so I used a trick that we used growing up. Socks! I also their hands in ziplock bags first so that the wet snow couldn't get to their hands.

The snow wasn't packed tightly, so we couldn't make a snowman. So, the boys decided to make a snow castle.

Our house in the snow. I think that it is really pretty. You'll notice an Impala in our garage. That's because the van is in the shop because someone ran into us a couple of weeks ago on the way home from church. Have you ever tried getting three little ones in car seats in an Impala?

It's not easy!

I hate these bushes, but I think that they are pretty in the snow.

For some perspective for any of you out there that are new followers of our blog, the third house on the left is our old house. Moving across the street was one of the easiest moves we've ever completed!

I let the boys drive on the street since there was zero traffic. Even in their little truck they were struggling with the ice.

My guess is that Nash has seen Caillou or someone making a snow angel on TV because he laid right down in the snow and made an angel.

Pretty good one too.

To get more traction, we put Nash in the back of the truck. It worked a lot better.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How Adorable

Our cute little guys have really been busy, and so have we. You might have noticed a little lag in the blogging. Last week, I had to go to Orlando for work. Lola came and helped Abbey with the boys.

Apparently the boys felt that there were pirates or bad guys hanging out in the dryer because they got their swords out to check it out. I'm glad they had their swords to keep their Mommy safe while she worked on the laundry.

Nash made sure that Reed stayed safe.

Reed then moved toward the door where he practiced his skills. Reed has decided that he LOVES the Wii and he really loves playing the sword fighting games with the Wii. He loves them all.

Nash, who follows his brother's lead constantly, then headed to the door to keep it safe.

Ever the innovator, Nash then made a hat from package the outfits that Enna sent the boys.

He is so cute. He often does funny things like that. Aunt Ava and Uncle Brookie gave the boys a toy grill for Christmas and Nash LOVES it. He literally CARRIES it wherever he goes.

Happy Will has been a little bit unhappy the past few days. He is so congested and has a bad runny nose.

Monday night we started Bedtime Boot Camp. We don't publicize it often, but Reed has RARELY slept in his bed for the entire night. Unfortunately, he taught his brother's this habit REALLY quickly. So, for the past few months, we've had not 1, not 2, but 3 extra kids in our bed each night.

So, bedtime boot camp entailed all three boys going to their own beds. Nash and Reed share a bed (Nash has a bed, but it's not his thing). The big boys always go to bed in their own bed, but sneak into our bed at some point.

Will has NEVER been fond of his baby bed, so he has pretty much always gone to bed with us.

Here's how it all went down.

Sunday night - Will woke up about 11:00 and then wouldn't go back to his bed.
The big boys woke up at 2:00. Nash cried for about an hour when we wouldn't let him come to our bed (tore my heart out!). Reed went to the other bed in Will's room and went to sleep without incident.

Monday night: Will woke up around 2:00 and wouldn't go back to his bed. Reed and Nash woke up around 5:45 (right when I wake up for work), Nash cried for a few minutes wanting to come to our bed. Reed, once again, moved to the bed in Will's room.

Tuesday night: ALL THREE, count'em, THREE boys slept all night long! When I woke up for work, Abbey said, "You think we need to go check on Will to make sure that he's breathing." This is, mind you, the very first time he has EVER slept all the way through the night!

So, here we are at Wednesday night. How will we sleep? No one knows, but we certainly have hopes!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mighty Big Monster Trucks!

Last night the boys saw their Christmas gift from Uncle Bill come to full fruition. They were so thrilled to be able to go to the Monster Truck Rally. Although, the name was really called Monster Jam, Reed couldn't help but call it Monster Truck Rally.

The boys were so excited! They couldn't wait. The entire way to the arena, the boys kept throwing their arms into the air and saying "Monster Truck Rally!"

They waited patiently for the show to begin.

The show started with a loud roar of the monster trucks parading around the arena.

Then they raced one another over the obstacles.

Nash stuck close to Uncle Bill.

Predator is a Monster Truck from Nashville, so we were excited to cheer for a hometown truck!

Prowler is also a Monster Truck from Nashville, so we were excited to get to cheer for TWO hometown trucks. How lucky must our boys be to be able to live in the same area as two fabulous monster trucks?

They were REALLY loud! REALLY LOUD! Nash and Reed were so funny. Anytime the monster trucks were moving, they had their hands close to their ears.

Blue Thunder was a nice truck that did pretty good in the freestyle competition.

He got some major air!

Reed's favorite truck was Monster Mutt. He really thought he was a funny truck.

It was a really fun time and I know that the boys were super impressed.

I asked Reed if he told Mrs. Sheri his Sunday School teacher that he went to the Monster Truck Rally last night. He told me "No, because she would have been sad that she didn't get to go."