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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What a Day!

The day started with an impromptu photo session with baby and mommy. Here are a couple of the cutest ones.

Is our baby cute or what?

Next, Reed, Mommy and Lola came to see Daddy at work. Everyone at work was happy to see baby!

After Reed got to meet the people at Daddy's work (well, at least most of the people from my floor!), we went to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was yummy! Reed was wonderful as usual. He enjoyed reading his book.

Do you think we are obligated to tell him when his book is upside down?

When Daddy came home, baby boy was bouncing in his exersaucer. He got tired of bouncing and mommy was tired, so we went on stroll around the neighborhood. The sun was shining so baby needed to wear a hat to keep the sun out of his eyes.

I'm glad we took the hat, because he was asleep before we got to the first street past ours. I was able to cover his eyes with the hat while we finished the stroll.

Finally, to round out the evening, Uncle Bill finally got to meet Reed. He loves the Catfish House, so we planned to go eat there after UB got here.

Unfortunately, mommy got sick with some sort of stomach bug while UB was here and she was not able to go. Lola stayed home with Mommy, so Daddy, baby, and UB went to eat at CFH. We had a guys night out.

Pray for mommy that she will start feeling better. She doesn't feel good right now! Baby is asleep and Daddy is headed there shortly!
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