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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Couple of Days Recap

Every morning, Reed wakes up and goes to spend some quality time with his car/train table.

He is very intense about it.

But, he doesn't like to leave it to come and eat.

We've been taking it easy and traveling around a little bit trying to catch up with friends.

Check out some of the cute Reed pics below.


*pretending to be shy*

Today, we hung out with Emily, Frank, Caden and Greyson.

Reed was totally shy around them, but before we left, we tried getting a picture of the boys together.

Reed was not thrilled, nor was Greyson.

We never got a good shot.

We left and went to Uncle Trae's house. And yes, my dear older brother has a leg lamp in his living room.

Uncle Trae took us to Kyoto japanese restaurant.

Reed enjoyed the rice.

After lunch, Reed and Abbey went over to Aunt Ava's to hang out this afternoon.

Chocolately smile.

I love this picture.

And this, my friends, is why Reed will not be getting a dog ANY time soon!

On tap for tomorrow, heading to Pop and Lola's house for one more night and then home.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Christmas

I am not sure if I mentioned that Reed has been beyond spoiled this Christmas.

Yesterday before we left to come to Poppy and Enna's house, Reed and Pop played trains together.

This morning, Enna had to change Poppy's bandages on his knee. Reed held his hand to help him feel better.

Enna got Poppy a new puppy for Christmas. She a mini schnauzer and is so mild mannered.

Reed loves "Ollie". We're not sure that's her name for sure yet.

Reed shook Ollie's hand and said "Nice to meet you."

Reed and Joshi had a blast playing together. Reed loves his cousin.

They were so funny together.

Here they were trying to see who was the loudest.

Look how they are holding hands.

Aunt Aly and the kids.

Uncle Bobby and the kids.

Reed and Joshi ate lunch at their own little table.

Reed and Joshi got tons of stuff for Christmas.

Reed LOVES opening presents.

Enna and Poppy got him art supplies.

And a "Lightening McQueen" lunchbox.

Wow! Look at all this stuff.

Joshi enjoyed opening presents too.

Wow! More stuff.

a coin bank.

All kinds of play-doh toys.

Bobby showing off my big brother Trae's interesting wrap jobs.

An upclose view of my brother's special wrapping. I love my brothers so much. They are hilarious.

Make note of the special "to/from notes".

Aunt Jean sent a teddy bear.


Opening gifts from Uncle Trae.

A racetrack.

A helium tank with balloons. Yes, my brother got Reed a helium tank.

Reed's big gift from Poppy and Enna. A Train and car table.

Uncle Bobby, Aunt Aly , and Joshi got Reed some cars and a nice car mat.

Friends Nancy and Mason, and Graham came over to celebrate with us.

Reed and Joshi in their Saints jerseys from Uncle Trae.

Have you ever tried to get two 2-year-olds to pose?

Reed really likes his table.

So, if you've not realized it yet, between Pop and Lola and Enna and Poppy, Reed got more than enough for Christmas. Maybe next year, we won't buy him anything.