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Friday, January 31, 2014

Be Creative: January 31, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

With parents that write and edit for a living, it's only natural that Reed would have a penchant for writing as well. He writes very fun stories and we always love reading them.

Be Nashville: January 30, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

We love living in the Nashville area. I get to drive downtown everyday. The city view is always welcoming in the mornings.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Be Smart: January 29, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Nash is blowing through his sight word list and is doing a great job. We are blessed to have Mrs. Sarah, his teacher, who texts us picture of our budding Einstein.

Be Silly Willies: January 28, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

We had our regular Tuesday night Chickfila meal with Uncle Bill last night. Will and Uncle Bill has fun being silly.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Be Noodley: January 27, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Abbey caught this priceless picture of Tuck and Nash yesterday afternoon as they shared a ramen noodle snack.

Be Cultured: January 26, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Tuck loves blueberry yogurt. I found some on sale at Kroger so he was excited to dig in.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Be Yummy: January 25, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Because I have the perfect wife, I asked for Rice Krispy Treats and she came up with chocolate covered strawberry treats. She used strawberry marshmallows.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Be Honorable: January 24, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Reed made the honor roll for second nine weeks and he also one the citizenship award for the nine weeks. We are very proud of him.

Be Healthy: January 23, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Will has had a couple of spots on his face so we decided to take him to the peds. The spots were minor, but they found he had an ear infection. Thankfully, Will loves to take medicine. Of course, Will loves to do anything ... Except going to bed.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Be Full: January 22, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Today was cold and yesterday was a little bit snowy. It must have been snowier north of here because school was canceled for the boys. Abbey took the boys to McDonalds to play and apparently Tuck really enjoyed his burger.

Be Warm: January 21, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

It's cold in Tennessee. Abbey fixed the boys some nice Hot Chocolate for their after school treat. Of course, Reed wasn't too cold to remember to play with his iPod.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Be Imaginary: January 20, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Sweet Nash, he has quite the imagination. Today he put together a armor of epic proportions. And yes, that is a toilet seat in the middle of our living room.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Be Samurarais: January 19, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

We wanted the boys to see they had their own Chinese symbols for their names instead of using the Power Rangers symbols. They were excited to use their chops.

Be Buddies: January 18, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

The Choates came over to help me get the boys to bed since I can't lift Tuck right now. The boys were excited to get to play with Wyatt and Ally.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Be Radical: January 17, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Today Will really needed his surfboard and then he decided to really ride the waves. What I don't understand is why he needed to out two pool sticks underneath his surfboard, but he did.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Be Lola: January 16, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Lola agreed to come to town for Abbey to go to Texas to train VBS leaders. She did not, however, realize that she was agreeing to also take care of me post-op. She's been great to have around this week, though. The boys are going to be sad next week when it's just me and Abbey.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Be Curious: January 15, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Life with Will is a lot like living with Curious George. He is curious about everything and doesn't have any trouble digging through every item of clothing in the house to find exactly what he wants to wear.

Be Restful: January 14, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Since my surgery on Monday, the boys have taken very good care of me. It is hard for them to remember not to climb all over me, but the cuddles are the absolute best.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Be Up: January 13, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Tonight after supper the boys wanted a little treat. Is gave them Push-ups which apparently meant they had to stand up to eat them. I also had surgery on my back today which means I can now stand up without excruciating pain shooting through my right leg.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Be Studious: January 12, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Sunday nights are when Reed gets his homework done. I have learned that I'm not the best parent at helping my kid with homework. I get a little impatient. Abbey is great.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Be Outside: January 11, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

It was finally a little nicer outside today after a week of cold weather. I had to go to a funeral so the Choates kept the boys for us. Tuck got a ride on Mr. Cody's shoulders.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Be Digital: January 10, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

The boys were so into their iPods I don't think they realized how close they were sitting to each other. It's sweet to see them cuddle.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Be Grand: January 9, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

The boys are so excited that Poppy is here this week while Abbey is away for work. Poor Poppy had all four boys by himself all day yesterday because school was canceled for cold weather.

Be Silly: January 8, 2014: Pic of the Day

The boys were feeling especially silly at bedtime, since they knew they had to go back to school in the morning. They got two extra days of Christmas break due to the cold weather.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Be Twenty: January 7, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Today is our beloved Ms. Kelsie's 20th Birthday. She invited us to eat with her family at Chuy's. It's rare that nonfamily members choose to eat out with us, so we were honored. Hope she had a great day.

Also wanted to share some funnies from bedtime tonight:

Reed: Daddy when you decided to marry mommy, did you pick her out of a line?
Me: No, we met in class and I asked her on a date.
Reed: did you K-I-S-S her?

Nash: Daddy, I have two questions.
Me: OK
Nash: Sometimes there are mean people at school.
Reed (whispers to me): Daddy, I don't think Nash knows what a question is.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Be Happy: January 6, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Tuck looks absolutely adorable in his Christmas PJs. He is quite the happy boy in the mornings.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Be Snowy: January 5, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

We have some excited kids about the snowy weather.

Be Shoppy: January 4, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Will helped me go grocery shopping. He was so cute how he got his fanny pack ready for the big trip.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Be Bootyful: January 3, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Abbey told me that there was a Website called Pinterest Told Me To and I could buy her anything on the site. She told me she especially loved the Hunter Rain Boots, so I decided to buy her a little New Year's present.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Be Playful: January 2, 2014: LandLife Pic of the Day

Abbey, Will, and Reed played a rousing game of Headbanz tonight. Of course, most anything in our house is rousing.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Christmas at Poppy and Enna's House

On Christmas morning we woke up and had breakfast at Pop and Lola's house. Unfortunately, by the time we left, Lola had come down with the stomach bug that Abbey had.

The boys were chomping at the bit to get to open their Christmas presents. They were so excited about getting to see cousin Joshi.

The boys got fun Ninja Turtle things and some remote toys. They were excited about everything.

Joshi loved getting lots of teacher things. She loves playing school.

The cousins had lots of fun playing together. My Uncle Sandy and Aunt
Carol were there when we arrived. Uncle Mitch and his kids came too. It was good to see some extended family that we don't get to see very often.

These cousins love each other.

My cousin Ginny brought her sweet little boy Maddox.

The day after Christmas, Enna and Poppy, watched the boys while we went to the movies. We saw "Saving Mr. Banks". It was great. We also got to see Aunt Ava and Brooks for a little while.

On Friday, Reed wasn't feeling well, so he and Enna hung out. Uncle
Bobby took us around town so that we could do some shopping at the local gift shops. Mississippi might be low scoring in some areas, but the gift shopping is the best we have ever found anywhere. On Saturday, I bent to pick up Will from bed and I threw my back completely out. Then on the way home the power steering went out on our van.

Christmas was great, but the trip about put us under! It's totally worth it to get to see all of our family though.

Be Thankful: January 1, 2014: Pic of the Day

Trying something new this year. LandLife will attempt to post a pic everyday from our lives. Tonight we wrote our thank you cards for
Christmas presents. #landlifepod

Christmas at Pop and Lola's House

The boys couldn't wait to get to Pop and Lola's house. They love going to their grandparents' houses. After church on Sunday we traveled to Memphis to spend some time with Pop, Lola, Aunt Ava, Uncle Brookie, and Brooks.

The boys were dying to open presents so we didn't waste any time getting to the gifts.

Tuck still isn't sure about why it is ok to make a mess of Christmas paper and boxes when he would get in trouble at home for doing the same thing.

Will patiently waited for all of his gifts to be delivered.

Nash and Reed loved all of their presents. They got some really nice things.

Even Uncle Edward, Aunt Darlene, and cousin AJ came for Christmas dinner.

Unfortunately, the night we go there, Abbey also came down with a serious stomach bug. She was down for the count all day Monday and was pretty sluggish on Tuesday as well. Thank goodness we were at Pop and Lola's so they could help take care of the boys.

Brooks, unlike Tuck, loved opening presents. We came in after dinner and he was even opening my presents. That's great though, because I'm much more interested in seeing what everyone else than my own stuff.

We tried really hard to get Lola a picture of her grandsons but we didn't get much cooperation. We left Pop and Lola's on Christmas morning and drove to Enna and Poppy's house.

Christmas Morning

Since we travel during Christmas, we sent an email to Santa and asked him to come on the Saturday before Christmas.

He said that he understood our need and he happily came early. The boys slept in our room for "Christmas Eve" because we we're sure the boys would wake up and go through everything if we didn't stop them.

Unlike Abbey and me, we were surprised the boys mostly slept in until 6:30. They were soo excited about Christmas.

Santa even left stuff in my stocking.

I went and got Tuck when the other boys were up and we attempted a picture of the boys before they came out and saw their toys.

Will was excited about his new videos.

Nash was excited about everything.

He even did a dance he was so excited.

Reed was so excited to get Skylanders swap force. He yelled and screamed.

During the cookie swap, the boys and I went shopping for Abbey. Nash picked Abbey some Ninja Turtle Panties.

The boys were so ready to be outside to play with their toys.

They got remote control cars, soccer goals, and Will even got his first bike.

They were all so thankful and sweet for their presents.

Weren't they adorable in their Christmas colored pjs?

Tuck was probably the least excited about Christmas because he doesn't understand, but I absolutely loved Christmas this year. The boys were so very excited.

They played with their new toys all day. We didn't have to leave for out of town until Sunday, so it was nice to have time for them to enjoy their presents.

Reed's words were "This is the best Christmas ever."