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Saturday, September 08, 2007

We're In Taiwan!!!

Okay, so this is going to be a little hard to post as all the words are in Chinese, but I am going to try.

Here we are on the plane! Make sure that you fly Evergreen Deluxe. It is well worth the extra money for the space and the amenities! Man, you should see how far those seats recline! It's incredible. The flight attendants were all very kind.

The plane was huge. Some of the cargo included on the plane traveling to Taiwan with us was a full-size car! That was pretty incredible to me.

The flight was long, but it wasn't bad. I finally got to see Ocean's 13. Every time I woke up the same movies were playing, so apparently I would sleep through the other ones. Abbey was the only person who had trouble sleeping. The meals were pretty good. The first snack scared me though. It included rice cakes wrapped in seaweed.

Most of the signs have English written below them. This was great!

We made it through security. Now on to luggage. The big question ... Will our luggage actually be there!

And the answer.

Yes! All five checked pieces made it to Taiwan.

Now, will our guide Fion be here?

Yes, see JOH sign, that's her!

Now, will our hotel room be right?

NO! We apparently had a miscommunication with the hotel reservation staff and their version of "suite" is not our version of "suite." So, now, we are in a different room and everyone has a place to sleep.

Just a minor mishap.

We've got our schedule for tomorrow. We are going to go to the market, a shrine, and the National Palace Museum.

Good News: We are to meet the birthmother!
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