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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dinner With Friends

We had an amazing Sunday. I sadly said goodbye to many of my Sunday School kids as they promoted to the 7th grade class. It was sad to see them go, because they are such wonderful kids, but I look forward to seeing them grow in their knowledge of our Lord and Savior.

A couple of weeks ago, our church sent a mission team to Africa. Today, they were able to share about their trip. It was really great. Our worship service was incredible and we had a very moving decision time.

This evening, we met our friends, Danny, Michelle, Carah, Cate, and Caleb for supper at Genghis Grill.

I can't believe that Carah has grown-up so much. She is so beautiful and a wonderful helper!

Reed enjoyed playing hard with Carah and Cate!

It was great to catch up with Danny and Michelle. We don't get to see them nearly as often as we would like.

After we left GG, we decided to call Brandon and Tamara to see where they were so that we could give Brandon his birthday present. He actually turned 30 today even though we celebrated last weekend. We decided to call because we thought he might be at Panera, and would you believe he was!!!

He dropped Tamara, MegHan, and Britton off at Target. We were going to try to all meet up at Panera, but we ended up having an impromptu playdate at Target!

We decided that we would try to let Reed just "happen" by Tamara and the gang, and Abbey heard Britton squealing near the balls. That shows you how much Abbey sees Britton that she recognized his voice.

Of course, Reed was thrilled to help Britton play with the balls from the ball pit. I am sure that Target would have preferred that we buy them!

Look at how old Brandon looks!! We love Mr. Brandon. That's also Miss MegHan in the picture.

Best Friends!


Continue to pray for those in the path of Gustav!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

2 Posts in One Night (Labels and CVS!)

Okay, so I realize that it is highly unusual for me to make two posts in one night, but I am really thrilled that I have finally figured out how to add labels to my blogs. I am sure that it had to have been at least a year ago that one of our blog readers, Monica, suggested that I label our blogs! Now, you can click on the labels and find the posts your looking for. Check out how many posts have Reed in them. You can also use this as a tool for CVSing!

So, here's my CVS deals this week.

Trans 1:

4 Suave Bodywashes (2.00 each) - 8.00
1 Colgate Toothpaste -2.99

2 BOGO Suave - 4.00
1 Colgate - 1.00
1 $2.00 off 10
4.00 in ECBS

OOP - .42
Earned - 4.00 ECBS

Trans 2:

2 Suave Bodywashes (2.00 each) - 4.00
1 Colgate Toothpaste -2.99
2 Kiss Nail Glues - (1.99 each) - 3.98

1 BOGO Suave - 2.00
1 Colgate - 1.00
1 $2.00 off 10
6.00 in ECBS

OOP - .82
Earned - 9.00 ECBS

*Note: I have not actually gotten the Colgate ECBs yet, because of a malfunction in the system. Also note, the ad says that you don't get ECBS if you buy the nail glue, but I took a chance and it paid off!

Trans 3:

1 Neutrogena Mascara - 5.99*
1 Covergirl Lip Smoothers - 5.99*

1 Neutrogena - 1.00
1 Covergirl - 1.00
1 $2.00 off 10
8.00 in ECBS

OOP - 1.07
Earned - 8.99 ECBS

*Check your Neutrogena purchases closely, several items didn't ring correctly. Also, you don't see the makeup in the picture because I gave it to a coworker to give to her daughters.

Trans 4:

1 Neutrogena Mascara - 5.99
1 Cascade PowerPack - 3.49

1 Neutrogena - 1.00
1 Cascade - 1.00
1 $2.00 off 10
5.00 in ECBS

OOP - 1.10
Earned - 3.00 ECBS

Trans 5:

1 Accucheck Glucose Monitor 9.99*
4 Dawn (.99 each) - 3.96

4 Dawn - (.50 each) 2.00
1 $2.00 off 10
10.00 in ECBS

OOP - .56
Earned - 9.99 ECBS

*I left Accuchek at work for anyone who wanted it and turned in the rebate form already, so I'll get 9.99 cash back, too!

So, it was a pretty good CVS week!

A Busy, Busy Saturday!

We woke up this morning and after breakfast we started cleaning up. I did my chores first while Abbey watched Reed, then I watched Reed and she did her part of the housework.

Reed got sleepy around 10:45 and I happily obliged him to a nap. We went to sleep and woke up around 1:45! 3 HOURS!!!

Then, we ate bologna sandwiches (Oscar Mayer, of course!). Soon it was time for Abbey to go to work. Miss Candace came over to keep Reed and Uncle Bubba came over to help me get my Sunday School room ready. I get my new kid tomorrow. Thankfully, I've got a pretty big 6th grade group, since there is only 1 5th grader!

After we finished, we picked up Miss Candace and Reed and headed to Catfish House to have our FAVORITE waitress serve us up some vittles.

Tomorrow is our promotion Sunday, so we are looking forward to a pretty fun day.


As I sign off tonight, I would encourage you to pray for the people on the coast as Gustav is heading for them. I know the national news channels don't really mention Mississippi very often, but when a hurricane hits New Orleans, it hits Mississippi really hard. Of course, I love my homestate so pray for them. My big brother is home off his rig and my mom said that traffic is crazy in Jackson!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun Friday

I apologize for not blogging last night. We were out at Brandon and Tamara's and got in around 9:00 PM. I laid down with Reed and the next thing I knew Abbey was waking me up and telling me to come to bed.

Reed enjoyed his meal for breakfast as you can tell!

Abbey and Reed met me at work when I got off today. Reed went home with KayKay and we went to the Frist Center for Visual Arts. It was really fun to get to go on a date.

After the museum, we went to eat at Demo's. It was so great.

Then we went to *drum roll please* Target without child! It was a nice stroll!

We also went to Marti & Liz, which is a discount shoe store which sells namebrand shoes that were like display shoes. It was really cool.

We went to pick Reed up and he apparently had a blast at KayKay and PaKen's, because he was laughing and playing and talking!

We rounded out the evening by meeting Uncle Bubba to eat ice cream!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reedy the Pooh!

Deep in the quiet little neighborhood
where a cute little kid plays

You'll find a little boy who's mostly good
on his face a smile always stays

A boy named Britton is his friend
and Mama and Daddy too

There's Danny and Megan and Mia
but most of all there's Reedy the Pooh

Reedy the Pooh, Reedy the Pooh
cuddly little buddy all stuffed with love

He's Reedy the Pooh, Reedy the Pooh
willy little nilly little boy

I don't know why I started calling Reed, Reedy the Pooh today, but at least it gave me some inspiration for the post tonight!

Did you know that Reed LOVES balls!?1?!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Throwing Rocks!

Reed was in an incredible mood yesterday when I got home from work.

His mood was boosted when he saw that I had brought him his very own drink from Sonic. He was even happier when I told him it was a Coke with a double shot of chocolate. Of course, I had my fingers crossed when I told him that because it was really Sprite.

While Abbey prepared supper, Reed and I went down to a developing street in our subdivision to throw some rocks.

Reed had a blast!

He was especially impressed when I threw rocks into a big puddle of water. He seemed mesmerized by the splashes.

Today, Reed went to MDO and had another great time. He colored another picture.

So far this week, Reed has the following new words: Juice, Cracker, Bubbles, and Mine.

Reed is also getting over his need to cause complete destruction and is now actually helping put clothes in the dryer, he is helping pick up things, and even stacked three blocks the other day.

Tonight we went for a walk after supper. Abbey tried a recipe that she made up and it was really yummy. It was like a ham, hashbrown and corn casserole.

Reed has his first diaper rash right now. It was really strange, but Tamara told us it is common when babies are teething. I changed his diaper and nothing was out of the ordinary. About 1.5 hours later, I changed his diaper again and there was a bad rash.

After several changes using A & D ointment, Reed's rash has really started to go away.

... and now, as promised, the video of us karaoking the other night at Brandon's party. We dedicated this one to our wives. Megan dedicated her portion of the song to Britton. Enjoy. Volume should be low if you don't want hearing problems!


There was no post last night. Reed went to bed at 7:45ish and as things would go, he was very sleepy and went to sleep right away. Problem is, so did I!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Balloons for Me?

Last night, we had a Sunday School party which was a scavenger hunt. What Brandon didn't know though, was that it was all a ploy to get him to his SURPRISE 30th birthday party! He was pretty surprised.

The only problem was that Reed thought that the party was for him, because there were balloons there, and Reed believes that where balloons are so must he be.

The party was so much fun. We had a karaoke machine and it was a blast. Brandon really loves karaoke, and between the two of us, we really got to ham it up. If I had time, I would upload a little video of the guys singing "Elvira".

It seemed like every time that we saw Reed, he had a few more balloons. Our friends thought it would be fun to tape them to Reed since he didn't seem to like the slip-knot way of having them on his wrist.

It was really funny. Reed LOVED the balloons! He also loved the "buffet" style food. He enjoyed grapes and even pulled a whole bag of chips to the floor. Thankfully, Tamara didn't care, and she thought it was pretty funny.

It was a great party and we want to wish Mr. Brandon the BEST 30th year ever!