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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mommy's Surprise and It's Really Close!

Mommy is glowing and it's not just because of the new bling she has around her neck. Her "mommy glow" is in full strength this morning. We hardly slept a wink! We woke up and watched TV. They have lots of English channels.

At 2:30, Abbey asked me if I was awake? I, of course, said "Yes." Then I asked her if she wanted a surprise. That is when I gave her the necklace. I just couldn't wait for her to find it on her own.

I just had to post the above picture. I left it out of the "nesting" blog. Abbey even remembered to bring a plug-in nightlight.

Well, there's really nothing to report except that we are about to go eat breakfast, then get in the car and head to Feng Yuan. Needless to say our adrenaline is pumping and our hearts are racing like Junior's (pronounced June - yurrrrr) right before winning the Daytona 500. I just had to post that because Abbey is determined that Reed will talk like her and not me!
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