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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reed is Trying to Crawl!

Reed loves to play on our bed. Especially when he has just awoke from nearly 12 hours of sleep! Way to go, Reedo!!!

Of course, last night was Mommy's night to get up with Reed was last night and he only woke up once in that 12 hours. He just took a quick bottle and went back to sleep.

He was so quiet that when I left this morning at 5:50, I went in his room and put my hand on his back to make sure he was still breathing! I've heard that this is not abnormal for parents to do.

Mommy and Daddy wanted to have a comfy bed, so this past Christmas we got a nice new mattress. Then, we got nice soft sheets and comforter. Apparently, Reed was quite happy with our decision because he seems to have found our bed really comfortable.

This is Reed's attempt to crawl. You'll see some clothed pictures and video of him trying to crawl. It's more of an "I'm swimming in air" kind of crawl. Not a lot of forward movement.

He's trying to push up, but he can't quite get his hand and legs to work together.

It's sure fun trying, though!

Mommy reports that he has had a happy day. He seems to have gotten over the "yucky" after-shots feeling that he had for several days. That's great, because we love having our happy baby back!

I am not sure if it's baby yoga or pilates, but this kid can get into some of the strangest positions. One night we'll have to sneak in his room and take pictures of him throughout the night so you can see how active he is in his sleep.

One thing is for absolute sure, Abbey and I LOVE being parents. It is the greatest. I didn't get home at my normal time this afternoon because I had a doctor's appointment, so we didn't get to go on our walk. Reed knew I was missing and he started kicking and flailing as soon as he saw me. That didn't do anything for the ole ego (yeah right!).

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