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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reed Meets Britton!

When Daddy came home from work today, he was very sleepy. He started looking like he was going to lay down for a nap and mommy said, "I hope that you don't think that you're going to take a nap." To which I replied, "I guess not."

Daddy noticed that Reed was a little sleepy looking, so he thought, "If I take him for a ride in the stroller, he'll take a nap." That worked, but not after the stroller ride stopped.

Reed was so excited that his best friend Britton was coming over that he could not take a long nap. Well, actually, our great little napper in Taiwan is not a great little napper here in America.

But that doesn't really matter, because Daddy loves his little boy and he can stay awake to play with him, even if he is sleepy! I seem to recall a post where Mommy took a picture of Daddy before baby was here and it was titled, "Daddy's last nap." I guess I didn't get the message.

(By the way Tessa, the picture of the hat will come, give us a minute!)

Reed's best friend Britton came over tonight and it was nice to finally get them to meet each other! They were never in the same happy mood at the same time for a very long time, but there were a few moments when they enjoyed wearing their sunglasses!

It really didn't last long, though! It was alright, because it was good to get to see Britton's mommy and daddy. Plus, they brought Chick-fil-A! It's the first time that we've had it since we've been home.

Here are the mommies with the babies. Notice, Reed's mommy has a cute new haircut! She's trying to lead by example, hoping that Daddy will hurry up and get his mop trimmed.

And now for the cutest picture of the day!

Reed's Aunt Jean brought Reed this cute elephant towel! Isn't it great?
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