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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Reed's Big Adventure!!!!

We still weren't feeling 100% this morning and I didn't want to risk giving 20 preteens the virus that we had, so we didn't go to church this morning. Lola was planning on leaving on Friday, but she couldn't because she got the virus. Then she couldn't yesterday because I was sick. Today, if she didn't leave, I think Pop Rox would have come to get her.

This is right before Lola left, but she hadn't started tearing up yet. I would have loved to have seen her by the time she got to the Interstate.

After we all had soup at Panera, the three of us (that's fun to type) went to see Nana and Putty Sprinkles in their new home! It is so nice and big! We're thinking about moving in! No, really, we are going to be housesitters for them. Hopefully, a hot tub is in the near future!

Putty Sprinkles had to go to church, but Nana Sprinkles stayed home to play with Reedo. They had lots of fun together.

Reed especially loved the hardwood floors in the living room. He could spin like a lazy susan on those floors.

Next, Reed took his first trip to Target! Yes, can you believe that Reed made it a whole week in America without making it to Target? We weren't feeling up to it, but we finally started feeling good enough to get out of the house. That was good, because we were going STIR crazy couped up in our house!

Reed was as taken with Target as we are. He did manage to pick out several items: a rubber ducky inflatable bathtub for his best friend Britton, some new nipples for his bottle, a new doormat, and he even sprang for some popcorn for Mommy and Daddy.

By the way, Enna, we need some of those "cart" things so Reed doesn't have to sit directly on them.

Finally, we ate at O'Charleys with Reed's girlfriend Raleigh. Raleigh apparently thought we were all pretty boring because she hardly even opened her eyes! She was very sleepy!

Reed asked Raleigh what she was eating because he couldn't understand why she was so tiny! We had to explain to Reed that he was a little older and really enjoyed food a lot!

We'll have to get some video of Reed eating cereal. He turns into the "cookie monster" of rice cereal eaters! It's hilarious!

Quote of the day: "Oh good, we can have him bathed and all be asleep by 9:00." - Mommy
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