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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Froggy Hat and Exersaucer

We had a great surprise that my Aunt Jean drove in from Georgia to come to Reed's homecoming. It was very thoughtful and kind of her. She was in the delivery room with my mom when I was born. She brought the cutest frog hat for Reed from my cousin Elizabeth.

We were so surprised that Reed did not even act like it bothered him. He is not really a baby that is going to get worked up over something unless it is really warranted. It's crazy that we feel like we've had him for so long and yet it is not even quite a week.

Last night, I missed him so bad while we were sleeping, but WE CANNOT start letting him sleep in the bed with us. I cannot even believe that I am typing that, but it's true, I am head-over-heels for this baby.

Reed has the cutest sleepy eyes and he really gives good signals when he is getting ready to go for a nap.

He also has perfect wide-awake eyes. That would be what's happening when he's with his favorite thing about America. The exersaucer made in China is his absolute dream-machine. I am working on video of him boucing, but as soon as he sees the camera, he starts posing and quits jumping.

He spins around like he is working some high-powered jet working important buttons.

We continue to do well and are working on getting into a sleeping schedule. We're trying not to let Reed "oversleep" during the day so that he will be able to sleep at night. We want a 12 hour sleeper!
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