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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Going to Church

Notice: The title of this blog should be considered loosely. We took Reed to visit church today for a few minutes, just to get him used to it! Yeah right, we took him to show him off!

First, Reed met mommy and daddy's Sunday School and small group class. They were all very excited to meet Reed. Most of them have been following the blog pretty steadily over the past week and all of them have been with us throughout our adoption journey.

Then, Reed came to meet Daddy's Preteen Sunday School class. Last week, while we were in Taiwan, they made "Welcome home" signs and put them all over the room. They also made an "Everything You Need to Know" parenting book with must-knows based on the extensive knowledge of preteens. It was so sweet!

We got all of the kids to pose with Reed and he was happy to meet them. They were excited to meet Reed and to get the candy that I brought them from Taiwan.

Mommy, Daddy, and baby posed in front of one of the posters that were made for us. Reed handled all of the attention really well!

I'm not exactly sure what is happening in this picture, but I do know that it was not a stinky! That happened early this morning!

Mrs. Pat was so excited to meet Reed. She sings in the choir with mommy and daddy. We also played handbells together. She has been really waiting on Reed to come home!

We interrupted her Sunday School lesson to let her meet Reed, but I don't think she minded at all!

Reed got to meet his Sunday School teachers this morning too! He was very excited to see that our church has exersaucers in the baby room! There was also a little friend who is almost his age in Sunday School with him. Britton wasn't there this morning, so Reed has not gotten to meet his best friend yet. He hasn't gotten to meet his girlfriend Raleigh either.

Mrs. Beverly, our organist at church, was so excited to meet Reed. She has loved getting to play with Flat Reed when he came to choir with us, but that didn't compare to getting to meet the real thing!

Mrs. Shannon (Reed's children's minister) must have been listening to Mia's mommy, because she gave Reed a sweet, gentle hug!

We didn't stay for service, but we did find out that Reed had a rose at the altar in honor of his homecoming. We went to eat at the Adam's Schoolhouse for lunch. Reed was wonderfully behaved. When he started getting a little ready to leave, he and I went to sit outside. The weather is great right now! I hope it will stick around a little bit.

WE LOVE BEING A FAMILY! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BEING A FAMILY! It's the most amazing experience!
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